04 April, 2010

Easter Greetings!

Aloha! Talofa! Mabuhay! Maayong adlaw! Gruss Gott! Ni Hao! Our heartfelt greetings to all our loved ones and friends. Spring is here!

Easter greetings to all! Sorry for the long time between updates. As usual, being busy keeps me from updating regularly.

The princess, with a poem by daddy!

Today is Easter, the most important day in Christian lives. We are celebrating; Jasmine will be opening some eggs and candy, if she can find them. Hubby is working on some pics, and we are just enjoying some family together time.

Jasmine and daddy are going to her Asian Pacific hula dance class 4 times a week. She’s really learning the moves, steps, and timing. Our little pineapple princess is growing up!

We took a lot of pictures this weekend of the little one hunting for and opening her eggs! The local community had a great big egg hunt for the kids! They had games and prizes, too. Jasmine enjoyed hunting for the eggs. Really, it was just picking up eggs at the local soccer field! They laid out over a thousand eggs! The kids were broken into age groups and sent on their way to collect up the eggs. It didn’t take too long before ALL the eggs were found! We spent some time with our friends during the event, and the little Princess enjoyed being with her friends, too. She was so excited and had a blast! We enjoyed watching her so much. Today we hid some eggs throughout the house and she went on another egg hunt, this time for her own little treasures. She dressed up so pretty and looked so hard for the eggs we had hidden. She managed to find them all! This was one of her big days!

We bought Jasmine a new laptop PC, as hubby’s old laptop is worn out. She goes online and does her art, learning lessons, and games. She’s into that stuff! She’s really learning computers and knows more than some adults about how to use them.

Hubby has a new interest in photography again. After the event yesterday, hubby and Jasmine went out to take pictures. They took 700 photos! Hubby will be working on that for some time to come! He’ll probably post them on his site and enter some contests. He won 3rd place in a flowers photo contest for “International Women’s Day.” He’s won like that a couple times, and is an “award winning photographer.” He’s proud of his achievements with photography! He’s been posting a lot of photos on his DeviantArt account and getting some good reaction and feedback. He always loved photography, now he’s getting into editing pictures more. He’s trying to learn effects to make some great pics of the princess! He’s also been losing weight, and feeling good about it.

Here are some pics, enjoy! I'll upload some more later on my other blog, Bavarian Angel.

Precious princess!

See what I'm coloring.

Back to work.

My prize.

The haul!

Where could they be?

Collecting eggs!

Fishing for duckies?

Angel and princess.

The Easter bunny paid a visit!

Let's get these eggs decorated.

The egg hunter

Ready to go!

Hunting eggs is hard work!

Is it here?

Here's one.

Mom, you do great work, thank you!

Chocolate, the reward all egg hunters crave.

HHMMMM.. what's that?

I'm so pretty!

Watch me save, mommy!

I love my little piggy!

More loot!

I love Dora!

Flowers by hubby.

Lovely spring flowers.


Another wow!

The princess holds court!

Well, it's time to go for now! I hope the pics make up for the lack of posting. I really have to say “thank you” to the lord, who has blessed our lives with so much. I wish you all the blessings, love, and joy the lord God has to offer!


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