07 February, 2010

Delayed Update

Aloha! Talofa! Mabuhay! Maayong adlaw! Gruss Gott! Ni Hao! Our heartfelt greetings to all our loved ones and friends.

First, I'd like to say hello to Art. Thank you for your visits, even though I don't update a lot lately. Your kindness anad friendship mean so much to us! Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you again, soon!

Sorry for the long time between updates. We’ve been so busy. When I get a break, I’m watching TFC or doing Facebook. Putting TFC on the big screen got me even more hooked! I had thought about shutting down the blogs because we’ve been so busy, but I want to write about our little adventures for Jasmine to remember and our friends and family to share in our lives.

Wow! Things have been somewhat hectic here. With winter storms, work, play, and all the little adventures that give life meaning, things have been moving right along!

Aside from the day-to-day things that fill our lives, we’ve been quite blessed with friendship, joy, love, and work. I’ve been watching TFC and working. Hubby’s job is going along quite nicely, my main job is doing well, and I’ve got another part time job on my day off. I get 3 days off from work, so hubby’s very good friend offered me a part time job. I only work a couple hours a week, so I still get all the time with Jasmine when she’s out of school, and I get to get out some more and experience new things, plus he’s talking about more work for me! That’s great.

We had a busy holidays. Hubby took 4 weeks off from work, and we took advantage of some good time together. Hubby spent a lot of time with Jasmine, playing and learning. Hubby likes to teach Jasmine, and she loves to ask questions and learn. She asked him about everything in the body! He taught her what he could, and she was so happy telling me all about it. She won’t remember it for long, but the time they spent learning it will be something she always treasures. (Hubby, too!)

The parties seemed like they’d never end! It was so wonderful spending time with our friends. We had several showers for the soon to be mommies, Thanksgiving of course, and Christmas parties, too. For New Year’s Eve, we had a nice dinner for some friends and those close to us, and then we watched the fireworks. It was a nice dreamy time for us. We also got a new refrigerator that's twice as big as the old one! Wow, we can really stock up, now!

Of course, hubby took thousands of pics! I’m posting some here and others on my Facebook. Hubby has been working on his Deviant Art gallery. He signed up on vacation, and spends a lot of time posting pics and viewing the great artists that go there. He has 130 pictures online there right now! Wow!

Here are the pics.

Guitar shopping princess!

Awaiting the Dentist.

Excited about the dentist and her "makeover!"

Mommy, don't take my picture!

O.K., mommy.

Pretty girl!

Hubby's Christmas gift to me.

Our new refrigerator!

Enjoying the pics

The girls

Another shot of us.

Look at that one!

That's funny


A toast!

The family.

Oh yeah, I'm almost there.

The prettiest little girl around!

Here I come


And away you go


Hubby's world famous turkey! The vegetables survived to be soup!

It's not cold...




Give me a push, mommy!


Logs on a little used road.

Well, I’ll let you go for now! Don’t forget that I’ll also post on Bavarian Angel soon.

Wishing you all the love and joy we share every day, and all God’s good will!

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