07 February, 2009

Incredible Carlota!


It's been a long while since I've posted, as I've been busy at work.

I want to say thank you Carlota for the beautiful new layouts. You always make such beautiful designs that capture so much of what my blogs are about. Thank you for being such a wonderful person and friend. I always love your blog layouts and designs. Of course, hubby loves them also and says thank you! Jasmine even thought she was a cheerleading star when she saw the new layout.

Work has been a real joy, as I get a break from the house, Jasmine gets a break from being at home, and hubby gets to spend more time with our princess. Hubby brings her to her basketball cheerleading and they also play the Playstation together a lot. During the day, she spends time at the preschool and has so much fun! She has friends there from ballet and cheerleading and gives everyone a little break.

The downside is everyone is very busy. I don’t even get that much time to blog! But, now weekends will generally be free for family and blogging time. We’re even planning to take a trip to the Landshutter Hochzeit this summer for the weekend! They have knights, princesses, and so much more that will make Jasmine happy. We went when she was almost a year old, so going this time will be a thrill for her. It’s only held every 4 years, so for us it’s a landmark of our 5 years here in Germany.

Jasmine is turning into quite the rocker! We got her a play guitar with a mic, and she only stops long enough to do dress up or play video games! Here and daddy are crazy about rock music and video games! At least they can share some interests which helps bring them together!

Well, it’s time to go. I’m loading some pictures on Bavarian Angel.

Here’s wishing all of you a glorious and blessed week ahead! May God watch over and keep you all.


Art said...

Lily---I'm so glad to see you back. I kept checking your blogs and saw nothing for a month. I was afraid you had given up blogging. I really enjoy visiting your blogs since it gives me a bit of a connection to Hohenfels. I look forward to seeing more posts from you.
Stay happy----Art

Ethel said...

dae Lily muzta ninyo diha.
pagka kyut bitaw sa imong layout oi, love the header jud, gwapa kaayo imong lil Jasmine.