09 January, 2009

The First Game

Wishing a fond aloha to all everyone out there!

Wow! What an exciting week it’s been. Tuesday was Jasmine’s first day in daycare. She really enjoyed her time there. The teachers love her! They all comment about how well she behaves and how bright she is. They are also impressed with how mature she acts and the mature way she speaks.

This week was great for all of us. I got to work, Jasmine got to make new friends and play with her old ones, too. Hubby had a lot of time to hang out with Jasmine and got his car fixed. All around great!

Another great thing happened this week. Jasmine had her cheerleading practice twice. Not so exciting, but wait, there’s more. Jasmine had her first basketball game. She was a cheerleader with her class for the basketball game. All the girls worked so hard to make the game exciting and fun. They were so cute in their outfits and cheering their little hearts out. Hubby took many photos and Jasmine managed to perform all the cheers without any trouble. The girls have been working so hard to learn their cheers and moves, so it was great to see them finally put to use and see the results of their work. You should see how cute they looked! Oh, wait, you will if you visit Bavarian Angel. I’m posting some photos tonight, so keep your eyes open!

Hubby gets to enjoy more time with Jasmine, which he is so happy to have. They seem to have fun together a lot more now than they used to. After the basketball game last night, hubby took Jasmine to eat dinner, and they had a good evening together. When they got home, we all had a nice time looking at the pics daddy took and chatting about our day.

Bedtime came around and hubby and I reminisced about how blessed we are to have Jasmine. The little adventures and frustration are what add spice to life; they are the salt to life’s buffet. She and hubby have given me so much to be thankful for. I can’t wait to see Jasmine cheering at the game next week and go out for dinner as a family! Friends and family are a real blessing and add joy to life!

Well, my friends, the time has come to say good evening. I wish you all happiness. May God bless you all with a great weekend and a great week ahead!


Carlos said...

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SearchingWellness said...

Hello Lily, tugnaw na diha sa Germany? I like your blog. Can we exchange links?

Paula said...

Hi! You have a nice family. I wish you and your family well. :)