07 January, 2009

Her First Day

Aloha to one and all!

Well, yesterday was Jasmine's first day at day care.

The day started well, with a nice wake up and some breakfast. Of course, the princess was too excited to eat much, but she tried. Daddy took his lunch break at 9am to bring us in to school and work.

Our little girl was so excited! She went out after we got ready and decided she was waiting for the bus. Of course, day care has no bus! So after I explained that to her, she waited anxiously for her daddy to pick us up.

Daddy finally arrived and we bundled into the car. Away we went, zooming our darling to her first day of "school!"

When we arrived, we checked her in and talked with her teacher for a few minutes. While we checked her in, she watched the fish tank and begged us to go to her class! Our arrival at her class was greeted with shouts of joy from our little sweety! She was so happy and eager to start the day at "school" and more than happy to jump right into the swing. After our little chat about her allergies and what to expect from everyone, we said goodbye to our little "big girl!" She didn't even notice when we left.

Daddy dropped me at work and went about his day. When his workday was done, he picked Jasmine up from school. Our little "angel" was anything but! She threw a big tantrum about leaving school before the end of the day. Daddy just offered her some candy and they left together to go get daddy's car a new battery.

When they picked me up from work, Jasmine had passed out in the car from her excitement! What a day for everyone!

I saw some kids who were only a year or two old. I was amazed by how busy things were at the center! So, after giving it some thought and reflecting about the events of our day, hubby and I realize we are both so lucky, first because we have our princess, Jasmine, and second because we waited to put her in day care. Having the chance to bring her up ourselves gave us a bond that makes even the smallest things seem so wonderful and makes us able to share every bit of her excitement!

Well, I'll close for now. Look for the pics from her first day of school on Bavarian Angel. I'll also be posting some of hubby's prize winning photographs!

Wishing you all a lovely week filled with all of Jasmine's excitement! God bless and thank you for visiting, my friends!

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