17 February, 2009

Our Valentine's Weekend

Aloha to all!

First, I'd like to say hello to Art. Thank you for always leaving your cheerful notes and brightening our day! It's refreshing to hear from you and to know that you're still there!

Well, I didn’t get to wish you Happy Valentine’s Day. I was busy with work and life. I pray you all had a great day and a great weekend.

Saturday I went to work in the morning. Hubby and princess had daddy-daughter day, which is nice for everyone. They played games most of the day. Hubby is playing one called “Persona 4” on the PS2 and Jasmine is playing “Petz the dog edition” on her Nintendo DS. Daddy bought it for her last week. About 4:30, they called to tell me to meet them at our favorite little Gasthof here in town.

I went there at 5:30, but they weren’t there yet. I waited a couple minutes at the house, and they showed up. They were delayed at the store; Jasmine wanted her own “Happy Valentine’s Present Like Mommy!” Hubby bought her 2 movies and 2 big posters. Then they went home to meet me. Well, we went out for a nice cozy family dinner at Josef’s. We all had our favorites; Jasmine had her currywurst, hubby had steak with mushrooms, and I had Jaeger schnitzel. It was all so yummy! We talked, played, and enjoyed our meal, basking in the glow of love and togetherness that we share as a family, and then we had desserts. Hubby and I were going to split 1 Apfel struedel, but Jasmine made each of us have our own. Princess, meanwhile, chowed down on a sundae of strawberry sauce, whipped cream, candy tarts, and ICE CREAM! Her favorites! After sipping down a cappuccino and finishing our dessert, we went home for a nice evening together. Oh, when I first got home, they had left me a gift and card waiting for me on the desk! How sweet!

Well, as if that wasn’t enough, Sunday we went out again. This time hubby took us out of town to go shopping. For my Valentine’s gift, he bought an Apple iPod, in candy apple red, and a docking station/FM radio/Alarm clock/Speaker set to go with it for when I use it at home! He even bought me some Tagalog music downloads from iTunes store! It was a long day, with the driving and shopping, but very special for all of us! What made it special more than anything was sharing some precious time together and the bonding we shared finding new routes to travel and new scenery!

Monday, hubby had the day off, so we went out to Regensburg! I love going there, they have so much to see and do. We went to the Donau Einkauff Centrum, which is a big mall. It was too cold to go around the old town, so we went through the mall, shopping and eating! Hubby found a couple old British coins cheap, which he did buy. He says coins and stamps are great ways to touch history, and he likes to view them and let Jasmine hold them while he talks about what was happening in the world when the coin was made. It’s cool to see them bonding over something like that. He also bought a new battery for his D-SLR so he can have a spare one. We got a carrying case set for Jasmine’s Nintendo that had Wall-E and came with a stylus, stickers, and decorations. She was so thrilled she wouldn’t even put it away! I got her some Fasching costumes for her pretend time and her play dates with our friends. She insisted on the witch costume, and the big pointy black hat! She loves dressing up, this little treasure of ours. She even got a recorder flute and started playing it with daddy’s help. I found a nice coat and some shirts for me, so everyone got something.

All in all, it was the perfect Valentine’s weekend. We had romance, family time, dinner out, and lots of bonding!

Today was back to the norm for all of us,it's amazing that the weather was sunny during Valentine's day and today, Tuesday, it's back to snowy days, but still a good day for all of us, Jasmine back to daycare and hubby and I back to work. After my work, I did some errands, while hubby and princess played there favorite games and had fun together. I have to say, with them bonding and enjoying each other now, life really is full! It’s a great full, where everything is a happy sigh and smile!

Well, I’ll let you go for now! I’ll post some pics on Bavarian Angel soon.

God bless and have a great week!

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