04 October, 2008

Shiver Me Timbers!

Jasmine's pirate flag!

Ahoy, me hearties! Avast there, ye fellow travelers!

Well, it's October, that magical month when Jasmine has her birthday and that mainstay of childhood trickery, Halloween.

This year, Jasmine wanted to dress up like a pirate, and I really thought it would be very cute. Hubby, well, he doesn't seem to mind, either. He secretly enjoys Halloween, but won't admit it. I think for him, it's all about having something interesting to picture. He wants to photograph everything in sight!

Well, we received Jasmine's pirate costume and had to try it on. Wow, she fell into the role quickly and without hesitation. (Her daddy must have some pirate blood in him.) The only thing she said was "Ahoy, me hearties. I'm a pirate princess!" Well, daddy got to work on photographing her in her costume and making up a couple neat pictures. It was great to see her having fun with her costume and pretending. She is so amazing; it makes us so happy to have this little bundle of God's love in our life. Children really are a gift from heaven.

Anyway, here are the pics daddy took and made.

Hubby whipped up this little number using 3 photos! I love how it came out.

The base picture for daddy's creations.

I simply love this headband, Mommy!

Avast, ye landlubbers!

Ahoy, daddy!

Pretty pirate!

Doing a pirate jig.

Blowing bubbles last week.

Bubbles, yay!

Proof that we are loved!

This week was a great time, and what joy it gives us when we see our little treasure smile and prance about. Daddy took her out today to see a movie; I'll post about that on my other blog, A Bavarian Angel, along with some of hubby's pics. He's been using some new software, so here we go again.

In addition, this week, a friend just gave Jasmine some winter clothes from her daughter. It's always great how we can come together like that! I hope I'll be able to pass on some of Jasmine's clothes, too.

Finally, to Art. Thank you for your lovely comments, and for reading my blog. Your comments are a real inspiration and prove that good people are out there. Thank you for visiting my blog, and for the chance we had to meet this summer!

God bless everyone out there with a glorious and happy week ahead. May happiness follow you everywhere!


Carolyn said...

hi lili, wow very cute kaayo imong baby with his pirate costume.

kumosta na? thanks for the visit ha..

have a nice evening!

marites1034 said...

kyut kaayo ang baby with her pirata costume..yes, her headband is really nice on her:D

ethel said...

dae Lily muzta diha.
hala karon lang ko naka suroy nakurat ko ni Jasmine dakoa na kaayo dae Lily sa imong gwapa nga anak :)
ka pretty kaayo sa iyang pirate attire heehhehe

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

wow ang cute n gwapa gyd kaayo siya lily,

dako na siya sa?...di na baby.

uy angayan siya sa iyang attire....

wow ....

bday nya diay ron bulana....

time sa balik ra ko ky dia na si bernie kaon sa mi........

au-au diha my friend,

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

nindot kaayo si jasmine sa iyang pirate custome....

angayan kaayo siya sa iyang mga pics, diri, dili na gyd baby....

lady na no?.....nice pics of jasmine..........

thanks for sharing us these, lily....