13 September, 2008

A wonderful week-end!


With heartfelt wishes for your well-being, greetings, my friends!

Just a small post about the day-to-day adventure of living our lives. The main point is that Jasmine’s ballet class is going to have a year-end show coming up this November. I am, as a mother, excited about it! So is our little ballerina, Princess Jasmine. It really gets the children excited to know they will be ballet stars, even for one night! I am excited because they are going to have real ballet costumes for the event and even have their own little parts in the whole thing. I can now see that they are going to be so pretty and cute with there outfits and make up.

This session has been nice, as when I’m there waiting for Jasmine, it seems we mothers pass the time talking about life in Germany, where to find the best places for sight seeing, and places to relax without spending too much money. It’s great to have time with like-minded mothers, especially in a place that you enjoy being.

We’ve also been making sure Jasmine gets to enjoy the summer while it lasts. We still do the same routine every day after our brunch- we go walking, feed the fish in the canal, and then go straight to the park. Every afternoon it gets full of kids, and Jasmine is so excited mingling with them. She is getting good at making friends and playing nice. She even acts as if she’s their age too. Being a mom is a blessing from GOD and Jasmine is our treasure from heaven. Having her is a true gift, and such a great adventure.

Today, I’ll be uploading some photos at Bavarian Angel. I hope you will check them out and enjoy them.

May your week be filled with sunshine and joy! God Bless!



Vk-mahalkaayo said...

hi lily,

wow mag present na sila sa ilang ballet.....

you have more time for jasmine, that is nice....

di gyd ka mabulag ni jasmine ana, or jasmine di mobolag nimo...

like me and kim...ingon gani siya....ari gyd kono siya nako....lol

pero maglalis bya pod mi.....

Ylan said...

musta na madame li? :)
please change the URL of my blog Ylan's Refuge to http://www.pinkrefuge.com
thanks :)

caryn said...

hey lily! ;-) wow, i used to do ballet and what i loved about the programs were the costumes! so pink and frilly and girly! ;-)