12 October, 2008

Butterfly award!

Aloha, my dear friends, here's wishing you all a lovely weekend!

I’d like to start this post by saying thank you to Carolyn for this lovely and wonderful award, a butterfly for my blog. It’s an award I try to live up to, and one I will treasure. Thank you, Carolyn, for the award, and for thinking my blog deserves it.

I am passing it on to;
If you already have it, I'm sorry I didn't pass it sooner.

I’m sorry, folks, if I haven’t updated my blogs regularly. My days have been so full, taking care of our lovely daughter. We usually spend our time doing many activities, walking outside is one of the big ones, going to the park, playing in the backyard, and now she is busy helping Oma, our landlady’s mother. She has so much fun cleaning the backyard and messing around with Oma. It was fall and all the leaves are now on the ground, and it’s perfect because Jasmine loves the leaves and playing with them. We drive around lately, too, just to take some photos of the very beautiful landscapes and scenes of fall. We see many lovely and bright autumn leaves; it’s amazing how nature works. It’s pretty to see the changing colors of the leaves. All I can say is that everything is perfect. I love all the seasons!

Here are a couple pics of our little princess. I'll load some on Bavarian Angel, my other blog.

Our "Autumn Princess"

Princess Helping Oma.

Princess and Oma working together.


twinks said...

thanks for this award sis..
will grab this and will give you a buzz... thanks again :}
btw, cute lil girl!

Elda Carlson said...

Hello lily salamat sa award ha ako na ning birahon. Pag ka cute gyud kaayo ni Jasmine dako na pod cya. salamat lily sa bisita.

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

hello lily,

thanks kaayo sa award ha?
i like butterfly bya.

Uy kabootan ni jasmine......mao pod na ila gusto gyd.
abi nila play n games pa sa.

bitaw, kami pod sigi lakaw basta may oras n nice weather, labi na naa ang adlaw, kay nindot kaayo lantawon ang mga kahoy-leaves.

nindot kaayo ako paminaw maglantaw nila, mora ug Golden Oct. gyd.

sigi, naka lugar ko kay hulat ko kim, maabot na hapit gikan sa school.

regards to all.............cute kaayo si jasmine, as always.

Lily said...


Salamat sa pag grab Dae Twinks abi nako late na kaau ko ani nga award, ayo ayo dinha and wish you a lovely week.

God bless.

Lily said...

Salamat sab sa pag dawat sa matahom nga award. wish you all the best and enjoy the week with your lovely family,take care and God bless.

Lily said...


Daghang salamat Dae Vicks, sa pagdawat sa matahom nga award.nalipay ko nga nagustuhan nimo ning akong gi pasa nimo. unsa-on isa man sab ko nga fans sa imong panimalay.

Bitaw kaning autum kanindot na lang tan-awon sa palibot enjoy gihapon i laag picture picture sa mga kakahoyan.

salamat sab diay sa kanunay nimong pag lili sa akong payag.

take care and God bless you and your family.

ethel said...

dae Lily ako nang gi bitbit ang butterfly tenkyo ha!
ka kugihan ni Jasmine kay tabang man siya sa iyang oma hehehe

twinks said...

Hi Lily,

Posted this one in my blog na..
thanks again mwahugs! :]

marikay said...

Hi Lily, I like your daughters pirate costume! That is soooo cute! I wish its fall here already but we still have 80 degree weather. I like it to be cold a little bit. Take cae and happy blessings!