17 August, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Aloha, my wonderful friends.

I'd like to start by saying thank you to everyone out there who greeted me with birthday wishes! , but all of your greetings live on in my heart. To my Bisdak Friends- thanks for all your wishes. I'd also like to thank my family and hubby's family for their greetings. Mama,Papa, Lorena, Ben, Jun, Rolando- thanks to all of you for your warm wishes, it means a lot to me. To Mom Ellen, Frank, Charlene, and Nana- wow thank you for your love! We miss all of you and hope to see you soon!

The day was off to a slow start. Hubby was at work, and Jasmine and I had a nice morning and afternoon. Hubby got home at about 5 PM, and we had a nice spaghetti dinner, followed by a nice birthday cake. Of course, our little princess had to blow out the candles. She insisted that it was her birthday, too! Our little gift from God teaching us to share our special days!

Hubby didn't buy anything fancy. I've been asking him if I can get a perm and hairstyling, so that was his gift. I'll be going tomorrow and will update the blog with some pics! He swears that I look perfect the way I am, but I just want to do something different. I miss the bounciness of my hair when it's curly. I also get the TFC channel thanks to hubby, and I really love the tele-serials! I’ll post about some of my favorites later.

Well, here are a couple pics of the day.

Jasmine posing for daddy!

Mommy, look!

Here I come!

My cake and I posing for you.

Thanks for your visits, everyone. I'll see you soon!
God bless you all with happiness and fulfillment.


Rolly said...

Happy Birthday Lily. Sorry wa gyod ko kabalo nga diay birthday. Unsaon man god wa naman ko sa bisdak, resign na. Wa noon ko kabuhat ug scrapping nimo da.

Sagdi lang, ako wish nga unta magmalipayon ra ka sa imo bday ug sa imo pamilya.

Ayoayo nalang Lily.

Best wishes from me and my beautiful and cute BACON.

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

basta, share ka sa new hair-cut nimo ha?....

belated happy bday.....

mao na ang cake?....hala kalami n white kaayo tanan...

pure love gyd ni hubby nimo....

cute ni jasmine, dalaga na.......di na baby bya.....

Robelyn said...

Hallo Lil belated Happy birthday sorry karon lang jud ko ka laag diri pasensya naka ha saon na busy jud. wish you all the best and happiness always with your loving family. thanks for sharing. enjoy the rest of the week byeee

rissa said...

agoy namiss nako imong bday Li. so sorry. happy belated birthday nalang. i feel aweful. anyway, i wish u all the best, more blessings and more babies, hehe! love the pics u got here. kafashionista ni Jasmine oi. so pretty sa iyang outfit jud. angayan kaau and u look great Li. namayat lagi ka. maau pa ka da. glad u enjoyed ur special day. take care always and kisses to Jasmine. say hi to James pod. mobisita sa ko sa pikas blog nimo.