18 August, 2008

A Record Falls

Hello to all my friends and family!

I've been so busy watching the Olympics thanks to satellite. It's great to see the competition and pageantry! But now, I just wanted to make a post recognizing Michael Phelps. Michael Phelps is an amazing swimmer who just broke the record for most gold medals in one olympics.

Hubby remembers when Mark Spitz set the record in 1972! The joy and enthusiasm back then were incredible according to him. If it's anything like I feel because of Michael Phelps, then I know what he's talking about. I feel proud to be a part of America!

Michael Phelps seems so young! I thought that he's a kid! But he makes all Americans proud, and really he should make everyone feel good. He proved that you can do anything you set your mind to.

Congratulations on your new record! And congratulations to the rest of the world class Olympians for your medals and victories. Just making it to the Olympics is a real victory you should be proud of!

God bless to you, my readers.

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