15 August, 2008

I love my TFC!

Aloha and Hello! Hi, Friends. I’m sorry for not doing any updates in my blog for a while. As many of you know, hubby subscribed me to TFC! Now, I’m hooked on teleserials like "Iisa pa lamang" starring Claudine, Diether Ocampo, and Gabby Concepcion. Then, there's "My Girl,” which I’ve been watching since I subscribed. It’s now very exciting and gosh I can hardly wait for the next episode. I think having TFC is really worth of your money, as you enjoy all the serials, news, and events in Pinas. I highly recommend it to all pinays out there; it’s a taste of home for the heart! By the way before I end my update, I would like to say Mahalo to all my friends who pass by my little web home. I appreciate it a lot. I would also like to say thanks to my dear Mom Ellen and also Nana for visiting my site and for your lovely e-mails! We love you Mom and we miss you so much. Hope to see you all soon.

God bless every one of you!

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