16 June, 2008

My newest thoughts and 150

Well, folks, this is a big milestone. With this post, my blog turns 150! No, not 150 years! And, no, not 150 days. Actually this makes post number 150 in this little old blog o' mine! 150 stories and adventures that we have shared, you and I. 150 little snippets of our life in Hohenfels, of Jasmine's growing up, of hubby being wierd, and of my rants and rambles. I'm really happy that this blog has become a part of my life, and that you have been here to share it with me. Thanks for being there with me, and for your comments encouraging me.

This post is actually about the blog, it's not meant to announce 150, just thought it was interesting to note. Actually, I've decided to use this blog for the long stories and adventures. The posts that really share the little events and the big events. (And of course more ramblings and rants!)

I'm going to use my Bavarian Angel blog for posting pics and little sidenotes. For the occasional notes and highlights worth seperate mentions. Things like that. Of course, I'll still take posts from SocialSpark on this blog, too. I hope you wont mind my doing that. I try to choose post that might interest you.

Well, I've rambled enough! I'll visit everyone over the next few days, just because I love all your blogs!

Please let me know what you think. I appreciate all comments and suggestions, they really do encourage me to keep at my blogging.

I hope god blesses you in all you do, and look forward to what you have to say. (In your blogs and in your comments!)



Amy said...

Hi lily, komusta na madame? salamt kaau sa mga bisita tags & comments you left in my blogs.. very much appreciated!

take care & have a nice day:)

Lou said...

Wow, have to check mine kung ilan na heheh

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The Shutterbug

twinks said...

congrats sis..
you got a nice blog :]
take care