16 June, 2008

Strawberry... Shortcake?

Aloha and good day to all,

Well, I have some time to post some more with hubby at work. Poor guy, he had to go in at 5 am and it’s Father’s Day!

I’m just going to blog about “Ma-na-ma-na” day and our strawberry picking party. Early yesterday, I woke up to do my chicken barbeque as my part of our pre-planned picnic lunch. Boy, hubby didn’t know what he was missing! We planned to meet at around 9 am, which left me a couple hours to cook and get ready. After we met up at the local “convenience” store, we drove to our friend Vita’s to buy some Pinay food. She’s the only local Pinay who has a small shop to get our PI fix. We got there and I became excited to see Vita again. Before leaving her shop, we had a good chat, she prepared a pandesal (which made me drool), and we made some purchases. I haven’t tasted pandesal for such a long time, which will be a memory to keep, as she makes it so delicious. It was so good; I even forgot to take some pictures of it.

We soon departed and drove to the strawberry picking location. Everyone got excited specially the kiddos; they couldn’t wait to get there. Our guide was Manang Vita. It’s quite a big farm for just a strawberry place. I love the scenery around there; it’s so much like the province. Jasmine and the group left me, as I was busy taking pictures. Jasmine was picking every color and size; she just enjoyed and had a blast picking them. We had to tell her to pick only the red ones and not the green ones. She got it quickly, though. She still went for the small ones instead of the big ones. I couldn’t figure that one out. So after taking a lot of pictures, I had to do the serious picking for my little girl. Then when her pail was almost all the way full. She kept dropping a bunch of them. I had to pick them up again and again. Finally, I told her that I should hold the bucket instead of her. She told me “I’m strong, Mommy, I can carry it.” LOL :-) hahaha, kids. After all the eating and picking, we finally got tired and complained about our back pain. Luckily, Jasmine's bucket was not that big. We paid 5 euros for our strawberries, not too bad. After paying, we went to Vita’s and dropped her off. We bid goodbye to her and told her we are going to visit her again.

We continued our adventures at the local swimming pool. It was an outdoor pool, which left some issues, but it was still fun. They have quite a big outdoor swimming pool. It impressed me with the size. The kid’s swimming pool was huge and they had this wave effect that Jasmine just loved to pieces. She told me it was fun. But, my goodness, it was cold as ice, they don’t have a water heater, as it was an outdoor pool. The kiddos didn’t care at all, the moment they saw the pool, they all went in and had a splash. They told me it was ok when your body was just below water, because then it’s warm. But when you get up, and your body hits the air, then it’s ICY cold. The best thing about this place is that they allow you to bring you your own food. We ate our picnic lunch and after about three hours of spending quality time together, we finally packed our stuff and headed home to take some rest. We still plan to go back for our summer get-togethers.

All in all, it was quite an adventurous day for Jasmine and me. We had so much fun, and some really good moments with great friends! For the pictures of this story, please see A Bavarian Angel. (My other site!)

I would like to thanks my friends for making this a very enjoyable weekend; Emily, my co-worker, Vita for taking us to the strawberry fields (and those yummy pandesal), Melith for the juicy watermelon she brought, and my newest friend, Rachelle for paying our entrance to the pool. Guys, we really had a great time, and I appreciate all the time we spent together.

Of course, I can’t go without thanking you for reading this. And for visiting my little home in the cyber-world. I love to read your comments and look forward to reading more. Please keep them coming! To Lou and ABC Blog Learner- your comments have been so nice! I hope to see you around here, and at your blogs. To everyone else- thank you and rest assured I will be visiting you all over the coming days.

God Bless!

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