20 June, 2008

A Magic Night at the Ballet!

Wow, what a week it’s been.

Monday, I had a swollen gum and puffy face. I went to the local dentist, and he said I had and abscess. I wound up getting my tooth pulled. He was good about numbing it up, which appears to be something they don’t usually do here. After pulling it, he cleaned it out and told me not to work for 3 days. I missed 2 days of work, which I didn’t want to do! I actually felt like I could work Monday, after taking some Advil, but I didn’t want to take the chance of complications.

So, after 2 extra days off, I was getting a little stir crazy! I did, however get to explore Hohenfels a little bit. Yesterday was a real relief, because I had hubby at home to help a (very) little with Jasmine. We went out to the local thrift store and I found a couple nice things to get, including a porcelain car and a pair of beer mugs from 1965. Hubby saw the beer mugs and said we should get them because he was born in ’65. I thought it was a good idea, too, as they were only a dollar for the pair. After a little shopping, we went home so we could prepare for the reason hubby was off.

Hubby worked Sunday, which was Father’s Day, so he could have yesterday off. He only did it so that he could go to the ballet with us!

Now, before you go asking “What ballet?” I should mention it wasn’t like a real ballet. Jasmine’s ballet teacher, Miss Jodi, planned a nice party for the end of the dance terms. She teaches a lot of different dance classes, including ballet, Irish, and tap. I cooked some “Barbecue Chicken a la Pinay” and some lumpia, as everyone was bringing some food to share.

Of course, we arrived early. Jasmine was already dressed, so we just had to remove her street clothes, and she was off to the races. Because she’s only 3, her group was only doing some warm ups and a couple things at the bar. She’s with the 4 year olds because there are not a lot of 3 year olds. Once everyone settled in, it was time to start the show. Jasmine’s group came up first to do their warm ups with the “wheels on the bus” and “ducky feet.” Then came the older students. Of course, our princess turned into a nightmare, much like Stitch in “Lilo and Stitch!” She refused to sit down again, and proceeded to do warm-ups with the older girls! Miss Jodi, who has the patience of Job, let her stay with them. She actually did quite well with the older group. We finally got her seated after their warm ups and the show went on.

All the dancers were amazing, even the littlest girls there. Everyone seemed to be enjoying there part of the show and seeing their parents clapping for them. Jasmine wanted to be the star of the show so very much and became so excited. That’s why she didn’t want to sit down. Of course, part of that is our (hubby’s he-he) fault for encouraging Jasmine to be happy and excited about the show. After the show, we came home to a nice quiet evening together. Hubby worked on the photos some and captured the video to the computer.

During the course of the show, I ran the video camera and hubby photographed everything. I’m posting some of the photos at Bavarian-Angel. I’ll also post some here over the weekend, and try to throw in a video at both blogs. The video needs some editing, but we’ll get some to you!

I’d like to thank Miss Jodi for her hard work setting the evening’s events up, and encouraging Jasmine, and all the girls, through the trying times in her classes. I’d also like to thank hubby and his boss for working out a way for him to be at her first event!

To hubby- thanks for the great job, to Jasmine- you’re doing so great and going to go so very far, and to Miss Jodi- THANK YOU!

Moreover, what would a post be without you? I’d like to thank everyone for their comments and for joining us on yet another of life’s magical journeys!

God bless, have a great weekend, and I’ll be leaving my footprints at your sites, soon!


Joy0z said...

nia nasab ko suya kaayo sa imo baby girl oy..nus a pa kaha magkaron lol! Angel palihug ko update sa link sa imo Joy2 be..mao ni iya new domain http://joycd80.com salamat daan huh?

Haze said...

Hello Day Lily kumusta na mo diha?

Diay Im here bisita ninyo....

Hope you have a great weekend!

Ingats always.....