08 June, 2008

It's Time!

Hey there, fellow time travelers!

I just found this new clock designed to teach your kids to tell time. I’m definitely buying this for Jasmine.

I love this clock for Jasmine.

The clock is a real alarm clock. It has many features, too. Like the ability to set it to change colors when it’s time for Jasmine to get up. You set it the night light and the “OK to get up,” (known as green to go.) then let it work its magic. Of course, you can disable this function is want to.

It even has a built in game to teach kids to tell time, with five difficulty levels, and works like this; first press the left button to display a random time, next press the right button and the clock will say the answer and display the time as a digital clock. It’ll get you and your child talking about time, which allows you both to set the pace.

Here is the control panel.

It uses A/C power, and has batteries for back up. The A/C can be removed and it can run on batteries while you play the game, too. The fully functional alarm clock even comes with three different colors for the front. We’ll be setting Jasmine up with the pink one, as that is her favorite color.

Here is the night light mode, when it changes to green it's time to go!

I’d recommend this to anyone, and as I said, we’re getting one for Jasmine. You can check out the Teach Me Time Clock here.

Thanks for your visit and your time. I really do appreciate your comments and visits.
God bless!

Teach Me Time Clock

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