14 June, 2008

Another day, another adventure!

To all my readers, my warmest regards on this cold June day!

Well, the greeting says it all. Yes, it’s June, and yes, it’s COLD! So cold, in fact, that there was ice in places overnight. In Germany, they call the cold spells that come in June “Schafkälte.” It means sheep cold because their wool is just cut and it’s dangerous for them if it’s too cold.

But, enough of that. This week was another good week. Hubby was off yesterday, so we had daddy daughter day early. They had such a good time! Both of them acted like little adults! I was a little surprised to hear that bit of refreshing news. I’ll be posting some of the photos here, but most of them at my Bavarian Angel site. But let’s go back in time to last Sunday.

The day started nicely. Daddy didn’t have to go in to work until late, so we had a nice little brunch and some family together time. I always love when we spend time together. Hubby likes it, too, because we always grow a little closer and a little warmer. Jasmine just loves to have us both to play with, as if we’re toys she can chose at her leisure. Daddy went to work, and Jasmine and I went to a friend’s for a little birthday get together. The adventure that followed left us both tired and filled with great memories. To sum it up, Jasmine played in their sandbox almost all day. The sand was wet, and she wouldn’t stop playing there, so I wound up going through all the clothes I brought! Between that and her playing with Masha, Steven, and the rest, she was one little ramped up princess! For her, playing with other children is the high point of any day, so I always like to let her have some leeway. But, I had to borrow some clothes from my friend, Leera, so Jasmine wouldn’t ride home cocooned in a blanket and not much else.

In the sandbox
Friends getting sandy!

Daddy got a DVD of “Torchwood: Series 1” from the library for the week. He watched it all week! He gets into some strange stuff some times. At least, I think it’s strange, as I only know what he told me about it. Something about time-space rifts and “Dr. Who,” and guys who live forever, with a dash of aliens… It just sounds too silly to sit through, yet sit he did, through the entire series! And he still managed to play and spend time with Jasmine and with me. I know that even though he can be a bit sloppy sometimes, he really does love us, and strives to make our life as nice as possible. A big hug, kiss, and my heartfelt thanks go out to hubby!

This brings us up to last night. After I got home from work, hubby took us out to Josef’s. What a great little place for a peaceful dinner. We had a lovely dinner, and such a nice time. Then hubby had to go and ruin it! I bet you’re asking how he ruined it. I know you are… just say it! He-he-he! Anyway, he bought Jasmine a cup of cocoa, and some ice cream! Two sugary things together make for a parental nightmare. Can’t he figure that out? The cocoa came with lots of whipped cream, which Jasmine devoured like she’d been on a remote island for the last 3 years! Then the ice cream came. Ice cream covered in whipped cream and candy… Oh yeah, a disaster waiting to leap out at the unsuspecting, scaring them witless. Aiyeeyaah! She became so hyper from the sugar that she spilled 3 big glasses of Spezi, an orange-cola blend, drink all over the table. I was so embarrassed! Hubby made up for it by getting Jasmine to calm down, but the damage was done! She didn’t want to sleep until midnight! He said he was trying to reward her for trying to poop in the toilet without help and for being so nice all day. Next time, reward her with a hug!

The wrong reward! (But still SO cute!)

Today, hubby stayed home to finish his show and relax. He needed some “me time” for himself. He has been so good, taking care of Jasmine, and helping with the little things. Plus, it was “ma-na-ma-na” day for me. Jasmine and I went out with several of our Pinay friends to do some strawberry picking. It was great fun! Then we went to the outdoor pool for a picnic. We had a blast! It was so cold when you went into the pool, and even worse when you came out, but it was nice. I’ll tell you more about it later. Here are some of the pics.

See, Mommy!

A princess picking!
I’m going to end here for now. I know I get long winded sometimes. I hope you’ll bear with me and keep reading!

To all my friends, I send you hugs and thanks for your visits. All your comments are an inspiration and appreciated. I hope you’ll keep visiting, and keep commenting on my posts. This blog isn’t just about me; it’s about you, too. So keep the comments coming.

God bless you all, and have a lovely weekend!


Lou said...

Hi Lily, as what they say accidents happen...nothing to be embarrassed about it, she's such a cute little girl.


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Malou said...

nguha mo Erdbeeren dako na si Jasmine Lily dugay dugay wala ko kita sa iya kaguapahan, ningkalit siya ning dako... imo giputlan iya buhok kyut siya oy, . kadako sa iya eis oy mahurot ba na niya kaon ??? hehhee lamat sa pagbisita Lily wala ako mga tulo kasimana ...bakasyon nila na Angie sugod sa Lunes ...... mao manuroy mi tulo .......3 kasimana ako wala sa balay .... sigi ayo ayo kiss nalang ako ni Jasmine, miss you muahhhhhhh.......