05 June, 2008

A Ballet Birthday

Thursday was a great day. I had the day off, and hubby didn't have to work until 3pm. That meant a little extra together time for us. We spent the morning together relaxing and having a little family fun time.

At one o'clock was Jasmine's ballet class. We arrive a little early, so I got Jasmine ready for class. After that, I went to our local thrift shop to do a little "me time" shopping. Daddy stayed behind to watch Jasmine perform with her class.

Miss Jodi was running a little behind, so was rushed while getting ready. It really wasn't a problem, as she had time to spare. She passed out some fliers about the end of the class session in 2 weeks. They will have a little party with food and a little performance by each group. This is going to be so great! Even hubby is excited to see it. He really does love to see Jasmine's excitement when she's into something like ballet. He went and got that day off from work, just so he could go! The class has gotten smaller, but they are learning more from the extra time Miss Jodi can give them. It's really nice.

Well, anyway, we found out that it was Miss Jodi's birthday Thursday. We wanted to wish every joy and happiness. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MISS JODI! I've posted some pics of various days in her ballet class. Even Jasmine got excited about her birthday and said she wanted the same day for her birthday. She loves having Miss Jodi as a teacher, and she loves Miss Jodi.

Well, after ballet class, we went for lunch. Then we dropped hubby at work. Jasmine and I went to my friend's house, but that's another story for another time.

We just wanted to wish Miss Jodi a very happy birthday and great year ahead. Thank you, Miss Jodi!

Now for the pics.

Miss Jodi helping the girls with their excercises

Dancing to the song "Dem Bones"

Hula Hoop time!

Circle time

Another "Dem Bones" dance.

The doors on the bus!

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Take care and God bless!