01 June, 2008

Daddy Daughter Day Part 2

We now present “Daddy Daughter Day Part II”

Saturday was shaping up to be another bad one. I was afraid to go to work, but I told hubby to be a good boy, told Jasmine to be a good girl, and began my trek to the job. After an arduous morning, I was looking forward to the peaceful insanity that is work. It was so much better than being home with my 2 kids fighting all day long!

Well, carrying on, the day for me was uneventful. I did my job and we had a great time working, chatting, and joking. Then, of course, the bubble burst and it was quitting time. Time to pay the piper for my day of peace.

I trudged on home and found my place… undamaged. Jasmine was asleep, and daddy was relaxing on the computer. “What,” I thought, my mind frantic, “did daddy finally snap and feed to my darling little princess to make her sleep?” I should have known better. Daddy and Jasmine had played, taken photos, and just had an all around great day. I was more than shocked; I was astounded and blown away! They both have a way a surprising me all the time. It seems that if Jasmine listens, daddy doesn’t try to control her too much, and they both have a lot of fun. I just wish they would be like that all the time. I love to see them bonding, and they love to bond, but daddy’s so hard headed! (At least, I think so!)

The rest of the weekend was a load of fun for all of us. Hubby got his days off, I got my work, and Jasmine got to play with both of us. She even got to play with our landlady, who she just loves. This lady is so sweet and always let Jasmine “help” her in the garden. It really is so nice to see Jasmine trying to help out.

Well, enough for now. You’ve all heard about my new car, so I won’t bore you anymore.

Thanks for the visits and the comments; they always give me a smile. Please keep them coming.

Also, head on over to my other blog to see some cool pics taken by dear hubby. I hope to see you there!

I’ll post about the rest of the week later.


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