01 June, 2008

A sandwich, a bouquet, and a geyser!

Our weekend began quietly enough. After work Friday, we had a nice dinner and settled in for the night. Daddy watched his TV show, “Numb3rs,” Jasmine watched her Winnie the Pooh, and I watched some ABS-CBN. It was quiet and we occasionally got together and chatted during the evening. It was very pleasant.

At bedtime, we told Jasmine about what to expect at our “dream time magic picnic party.” Yes, we trick her into going to bed. Hubby uses it to help her sleep well and have good dreams. Sometimes she has dreams that make me wonder what’s going on in her pretty little head, so hubby came up with this. Let me tell you, it really does do the trick. We tell her who’s coming to the picnic or party, and what fun things we’ll be doing together in our dreams. She loves it, and it helps with the dreams.

Anyway, Saturday morning was more of the same old routine. We got up, I made breakfast, and everyone started their day. I went in to work, and hubby and princess started their bonding time. Trust me, when it comes to their time together bonding, I’m afraid to leave the glue where they can get to it. Seriously, I expected to hear some details about Jasmine acting naughty, and “Daddy didn’t let me…,” but they actually arrived at closing time to pick me up.

They told me all about their day. They went and found a Subway and had sandwiches. Jasmine loves the meatball sub, and so do I. They even brought me one. They went and took some photos and played a little. The rest was pretty much spent relaxing. I am so proud of my kids when they act nice to each other!

Jasmine did plug up the toilet with TP, but other than that, nothing bad. WOW! We went to do a little shopping and relaxing out together. Jasmine was excited because I found a clock with a rooster on it for the kitchen. I love the chicken/rooster theme thing, so we were both happy. While we were in line, Jasmine was spinning around with the clock, and apparently bumped into the guy ahead of us. He didn’t say anything, but a few seconds later, the blood was just pouring out her nose! I started to panic, telling hubby to wipe it, wipe it. Thank God, hubby is good at keeping a level head. I took her into the bathroom and cleaned her up. She had bitten her tongue, which only had a little blood and she didn’t even notice, and bumped her nose pretty good.

After several trips to the car to get clothes for her, hubby finally got it right. He keeps a level head and doesn’t panic, but somehow he is either totally deaf, or suffered some serious brain damage. He can’t follow simple instructions! I asked for her clothes. I actually said “blouse,” he heard “blouse,” and he brought a “blouse.” Duh, doesn’t he know that if a blouse is changed, everything else should be, too? Especially as all her clothes had blood on it?

It ended up not being too bad, just a little bump. When we were leaving, the florist gave me 2 bouquets of beautiful flowers. They were gorgeous. For those of you in the area, if you’re looking for flowers, check out “Blumen Reindl” in Teublitz. Their website is Blumen Reindl. My thanks to the gentleman for the flowers.

When we got home, Jasmine just had to help our landlady water the garden. She got so wet “helping” with the watering. Our landlady just loves Jasmine, and does so much for her.

I posted some pics of the flowers and Jasmine’s playtime on my other blog. You can check them out at A Bavarian Angel.

Well, now that I've bored you senseless and plugged some florist because he gave me some flowers, I guess I better call it a day.

Thanks for the time you spend here, and thanks for the comments. Your visits really pump me up. I'll be visiting everyone soon, and leaving my little footprints, too. Thanks!

God bless.


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ABC Bloglearner says...

hello there... what a long update.... i read all..hehehe...

ABC Bloglearner

Lou said...

Hi Lily, thanks for returning my visit. I actually have the book already, :-) I have so many photography books it's making me crazy LOL Plus I'm also taking photography classes. I appreciate the suggestion though. One of my photos was actually chosen as Editor's Pick in Betterphoto which by the way is a very elusive award LOL So parang ok na ako, I felt like it was all I needed to assure myself I have the eyes for photography.