27 May, 2008

An intermission

Now for our intermission, brought to you by Fah Vee.

For those you unfamiliar with the German language, Fah Vee is the way Germans say… you got it, VW. The reason I’m bringing this up should be apparent soon.

As many of you know, this last January I had to get rid of my 23-year-old Mercedes 190E. That car was great. It ran like a charm, and it was so comfortable. There was almost no rust in the engine area, what a nice car. Of course, it was old. It wouldn’t pass inspection without ALL NEW brakes; pads, rotors, everything. And the rust on the door struts. Oh, well, we mourned her.

But mourn no more! I’ve been saving for a car to replace that one, and with hubby’s assistance, I finally made it. Monday we went to a used car dealer in the local area. We bought the Mercedes from him, so knew it was a good choice to go back. Lo’ and behold… my new baby. A 1991 VW Jetta 4 door sedan. And best of all, it’s maroon!

Hubby made an offer and it was accepted. We insured the car and registered it. Amazingly, we got it all done in one day!

This morning I took it in and washed it at the car wash, and gave it a nice coat of wax. Wow, I bought my very first car! With my own money! It’s great to save for things, and have a goal. I just hadn’t expected to be able to buy my own car so soon. What a great feeling. And the best part, no more getting up at 5 am with Jasmine to drop hubby at work! Here's a picture.

My new pride!

Now for some blessed sleeping in! Thanks to everyone for your visits, they really make the blogging world nice! I’ll try to visit everyone after I wake up, very late!

We'll return to "Daddy Daughter Day" part 2 tomorrow!



Rolly said...

musta diha day lily, agi lang ko, ako ra unya ka tawagan kung makalugar na tawon ko, pwede ba kong mobalik diha sa inyo, pero wala man pod si ruby god

bisitahi unya ning kao mga balay sa

Carolyn said...

wow!! congrats to you new car..

pwede paki add sa akong mga blogs, dugay naka nako naadd sa akong mga blogs..i just knew it na wala man diay ko dire hehehe..if ok sa imo, here are my links


salamat ha...you link in my site is LILY'S JOURNEY

123 said...

ABC Bloglearner says...

Hi Lily! Great to see and hear this! Wow! How durable that ex-car of yours is! 23 Years? Honestly, I am younger than it.... (toinks!)

How are you na pala? if you got new posts, just tick me, ill be happy to read and share my thoughts...

ABC Bloglearner

Lou said...

Congrats Li! Sabi nga it's nice to see the fruit of our labor.


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