27 May, 2008

A Daddy's Tale.

This weekend was a nightmare for hubby. 4, count 'em 1...2...3...4..., days off. That meant he had to watch that little horror show that is our daughter, the princess. Actually, while she had some bad moments, it was a great time for us.

It started with "daddy daughter day" part 1.

Daddy and Jasmine dropped me at work Friday morning. And what a lovely morning it was. It was warm, but not hot, and clear, without being blinding. They went around the store and daddy bought Jasmine a "Little Einsteins" DVD. When it comes to some high quality bonding, they were "cooking with gas!" After their little jaunt in the store, they went to BK for lunch. Daddy said Jasmine had an appetite bigger than his! (I find that hard to believe!) They sat there a while enjoying their together time and their lunch. Now this is great, Jasmine didn't act up, and daddy didn't get frustrated. They sat there laughing and eating and looking at passersby without any problems.

Driving on... They left BK and went out to take some pictures and explore our little village some. What better way to bond, than sharing time doing something you both love? Apparently, anything is better than that. That's when Jasmine excitement motor went into overdrive, sending daddy's frustration meter into the red zone. Jasmine was throwing these old cuttings of weeds and grass all over herself and wouldn't stop. She loves activities like this. Well, daddy tried to stop her, with his warnings, to no avail. When he asked her if she wanted to be punished, she defiantly told him "Yes, punish me!" That was it! Daddy bundled her into the car and home they went. He put her on time out, and she told him "No!" I guess she discovered defiance and rebellion. We had hoped to put that off a couple more years.

Well, after they got home, daddy put her on time out for a while. She refused to listen and told him to go ahead and punish her. Finally after a couple hours of sitting, acting up, and sitting some more, she was daddy’s sweet little princess again. They finished off their together time playing games and pretend. I was happy to see them playing nicely when I got home. “What” I thought, “a nice time they must have had, bonding and playing!” Hubby filled me in later. I had nightmares about their day! Oh, well, they’ll get used to it. I’m just glad I’m not as stubborn as daddy. (Of course, daddy says Jasmine inherited her hard head from me, but I doubt it!)

There’s a little more to the story, but first, an intermission.


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