01 April, 2008

Spring Cleaning!

Good day everyone!
Wishing you all a very good and wonderful week. time for spring cleaning . yesterday monday I started my general window cleaning, but with so many windows I had to clean I never got to finish them in one day. so I had to do it again today before Jasmine ballet class. the place we rented has big windows and it takes a while for me to clean those four windows by the leaving room plus the dinning area window.

Leaving room windows

Dinning room windows

Today I had to clean Jasmine windows and the computer room windows then maybe the next day the master bedroom window's and the kitchen window's, my oh my it would take me three days to finish cleaning those window's. then after that time to sort out our winter jackets and put back to the container for storage. and also clean our storage too. well I won't do it in one day I would probably finish them all after a week or so, well I wont stay long here I still had to do some stuff and get ready to clean those window's, just an update for today.

Thank's everyone for keeping me company in this blogging world. I will visit each one of your blog soon. you all take care and enjoy the beautiful tuesday.

God bless.



Amy said...

hi lily, bon courage madame! wink* bitaw, kapoy limpyohan ang glass windows kay kon dili raba ayuhon og limpyo mag lama-lama dayon.. plus ang nakalagot pa kay after nimo maglimpyo kon mag ulan tua napod ang pisik. woauhhh*

anyway, happy spring to the whole family! take care:)

Babette said...

Hello Lily, good for you malapit ka na matapos maglinis ng windows. :) Ako di ko pa naumpisahan, super dami ng windows namin. :( Baka gusto mo akong tulungan, lulutuan kita ng danggit. LOL Have a nice day!

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joytoy said...

wow ka nice sa imo window arrangement oi