28 March, 2008

Glad its week-end!

Aloha, all!

Wishing everyone a very good weekend. I hope you all have a great time this weekend with your family and friends. I'm going to work today, and then Sunday I’m going to spend some time with my family.

It’s been a week with no updates. I became hooked on serials again. They can be addicting. I love Lobo, MSKM, and most serials. I’m very late in getting started on most of them, but it’s still good to catch up on them. With my blog still at a zero PR from Google, I can spend my time watching the series after household work. This is my relaxing time. Google gave me the PR of 0 for using PPP, so I can’t get any good offers right now. It’s OK, because now I can watch my serials. Hubby gets upset because I’m always at his computer when he wants to use it to edit his photos. Oh well, he’ll have to get over it. (Just don’t tell him I said that!)

I wish to thank everyone for their never-ending visits to my cyber world.

Happy weekend and you all take care.

God Bless.


Just thougth of sharing this wonderful album of Miss Claire dela fuente. she was one of my Mom's favorite singer's in the 70's.and now she is back performing local and International.


Princess K said...

Happy Weekend pud day Lily!

Guapa sa imoha dalagingging bah.

Enjoy and be safe always!

Amy said...

hi lily, hasta pod diay ka addicted to TFc teleseryes, lol* me too.. hehehe* sayang nag end na ang MSKM:(

salamat sa mga bisita kanunay.. very much appreciated!

Lily said...

@Princesk, thanks for the complement about Jasmine.
Take care and have fun this week-end.

Lily said...

@Amy Oo addicted gyud oi,basta wala lingaw din Jasmine was sleeping or busy playing I then got a chance to wacth my series. oo nga sayang ano. oh well dami pang series.
Thanks for the visit. tc always.

Utah Mommy said...

Woi ganahan sad kaayo ko ani niya dae Lily woi nice kaayo ug tingog bisan edaran na sya kay sexy gihapon hehehehe.

Salamat diay sa paglabay sa akong balay dae Lily. Have a great week ahead! Kisses to your sweet girl.

Rissa said...

wala ko tan aw anang lobo. nabuang sad ko sa PBB teen edition plus karon pero sa utube ra ko tan aw, haha! makalingaw pod oi. by the way, thanks for visiting my site ha and for the nice comments pod. i appreciate it. ingat mo dha and kisses to Jasmine!

Lily said...

@Darlene salamat sab sa kanunay pag lili sa akong payag.btw kita ra nako habang nag browse ko sa you tube, din I remember it was one of my Mother's favorite singer.my Mother was fanatic with oldies singers and oldies music. anyway you take care and enjoy the week.

Lily said...

@Rissa salamat sab sa imong pag agi kanunay sa akong payag. I love visiting your site all the time my friend. bitaw I love Lobo from the start. PBB teen edition, wala pa nako nasundan I ony wacth the opening of it. and thats it, maybe I would after Lobo bisan late nako kaau. mskm late na sab ko pero ok lang atleast nakita nako ang ending.

na hala sige ayo ayo dinha sa kanunay.
God bless!