24 March, 2008

Photos from easter!

Sunday's family portraits. This is cropped from the photo below.

Jasmine giggling with the tricks

Snowy Easter

Saturday, Easter bunny photo.

Hunting for eggs

Happy little girl

Posing with her chocolate bunny

She loves her new buddy

Finally my balikbayan box was picked up.

Aloha and good day to everyone.

It was a busy weekend for us; I hardly had a chance to do any blog hopping. Last Saturday, I had to work while our little girl stayed with Daddy. They went out to see the Easter bunny and take a couple pics with him. After I worked, we headed to my friends house for a birthday party. I love when it’s a Filipino party because the foods are all my favorites, yummy. Anyway, hubby forgot to bring my camera, so no pictures of that occasion. Jasmine was having a blast playing with all the kids there; it’s a good thing there is a place for them to play. The party was for Girlie's birthday, but of course, all the kids were there. She had many visitors including her hubby's co-workers. We were having a good time talking and just hanging out, chatting, and eating until our tummies were overloaded.

Sunday we woke up early for church. After church, we headed home for Jasmine to do some Easter egg hunting. I always let her do the hunting inside our house. She was so excited, looking for the eggs the Easter bunny left. She knows that there is something inside the eggs. When we handed her our gift of a chocolate Easter bunny, with loads of bunny chocolates around it, she was so excited and happy seeing more chocolate. She kept saying “Thank you, Mommy, for giving me such nice gifts.”

Saturday she already received a gift from our landlady. A bag full of candy and chocolate goodies. Hubby said that she was so happy that she ate one of the chocolates right away after saying thanks to our landlady. I’d really like to thank our landlady; she has been so nice to us, like part of our family.

Easter seemed like Christmas to Jasmine, she loves gifts, and chocolate. That’s all she ever wants. Well, after she had two chocolates, of course I had to hide the rest, as I don’t like her to have too much.

Oh, I almost forgot, yes, my balikbayan box was finally picked up to send home. I’m sure, when they get it, they would love to try all the stuff I sent to them.

Well, that’s it for now, as I had to do more stuff today.

I hope you all had a fabulous Easter weekend. Thanks to everyone who left messages and tags on my place. I will soon visit each one of your blogs.

Take care and have a blessed week.


Rissa said...

happy easter ninyo dha Li! lovely photos of Jasmine. gisayangan ko sa iyang hair oi taas naman to but she is still pretty with her new do. my boys had a haircut last friday so they look like boys na jud, lol! anyway, thanks for sharing these lovely photos. i had a great time viewing them. kisses to Jasmine!

happymommy said...

hi there mommy lily! your pretty daughter surely knows how to pose for the camera :) so lovely! :) she definitely looks so happy in the pics! :)

Portia said...

You have a very beautiful daughter!She can be a model someday or an actress?who knows.I thought she's really a Princess!Look at her,she's just adorable.Asa pa diay liwat?Sa mommy gyud eh!hehehe!Take care!

Lily said...

To Rissa,Sheila and Portia thanks for visiting my place and for the complement about our little girl.I appreciate them so much.you all take care.
Happy week-end.