04 April, 2008

More ballet photos

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Just sharing our little girl’s adventures in ballet class this week. They only have two more sessions left. After a one week break, another class starts the last week of April. I am still going to enroll her for the 2nd session, as she loves doing it. I'm glad she loves ballet.

Jasmine posing before the start of the class


The froggy step

Serious listening to Ms.Jodi

Pretending about the ice cream cone feet

Im a little teapot

Thank you for your visits, they really help to make blogging fun. Here’s wishing everyone a great weekend. you all take care and have a blessed weekend.



Cherryl said...

ang cute nang baby mo..

Beth said...

cute, cute , cute imong anak dae Lily.. maayo pa ka naa kay baby, ako wala pa jud hu hu hu..

Bitaw oi , Happy Spring dha :)

Princess Cinderella said...

wow your little girl is so cute...mana sa ina...hehehe...just dropping by to say hi and god bless you and your family always..mwah...tc