17 April, 2008

Photos and TFC!

Hello friends,

It’s update time! I’m sharing our little girl’s adventures yet again through photos below.

I won’t post too much, as I am busy watching TFC shows. I finally I asked hubby to subscribe, as I am addicted to the teleserials and some other shows. So don’t wonder where I am. It’s just that I am busy with housework and sitting at our pc watching a lot of the shows from the PI. I miss the PI a lot, and having TFC makes me very happy. It’s also nice to be updated about our country. So far, I really enjoy watching everything.

Before I end, I would like to say thanks to all my friends, online and offline, for all your visits. I will visit each one of as soon as I get a chance. You all take care and enjoy the beautiful week.


TFC Lobo wacthing in my friends place.

Having a great time last Monday.

Saturday we attended the B-day Party of Stephen.

Mascha, Jasmine and Stephen, the b-day boy.

Sweet smile of my little girl.

Everyone was busy playing

Monday lunch time, doing some shopping

Jasmine trying on some glasses


Trying a cute hat

Last Tuesday, the last day of first session ballet class

Doing great with the ballet class

One of there ballet steps

Small ducky feet soldiers


Lolli said...

dae Lily muzta naman hala karon lang jud ko naka soroy dire sa imong maanyag nga payag, shalan nga kulang na jud ko sa bloghop rong panahuna wa na juy time dae Lily kay akong kaluha nagkadako nagsamot pod akong ka busy nila hehehe haay ingon ani man jud diay ang mama noh?!

Sus pagka kyut nalang jud ni Jasmin ka gwapa kaayo uy :) enjjoy ko kaayo sa iyang mga posing ba gwapa man kaayo nga bebe girl uy :) mwaaahhh

Happy weekend kaninyo diha tanan dae Lily

Rissa said...

ka pretty ni Jasmine oi as always. love her ballet photos. karon pa jud ko kabalik dri Li. perting busyha na nako kay cge ra mi lakaw taga adlaw. practice nila AJ sa tee-hball 3x a week and games are 2x a week so saturday and sunday ra jud among pahuway. anyway, salamat kaau sa pagbisita permi sa akong blog and for leaving comments. i really appreciate it. kisses to Jasmine. u have a beautiful lil girl there.

MariKay said...

Hi Lily, wow, your baby is not a baby anymore! she has grown since I see her pic last. I remember when my kids took ballet and all sorts of dance class. so fun. those black/white pics are nice you all took. I can see your hubby in your daughters face now thats she is older. Anwway, she is as cute as ever. take care to all of you and thanks for sharing your pics.

Lily said...

Hi Dae Lolli,

Thanks for the visit ha, btw ingon ani na gyud ang mother nga kinabuhi kanunay busy. pero makalingaw man sab bisan pa usahay kulit na sila.
Salamat sa mga sweet comment's about our little girl.
Silly na kaau ni akong girl.but still sweet.

Tc always.

Lily said...

Hello Rissa,

Salamat din sa pagduaw sa akong payag, btw ako sab dinhe busy sab kaau,din di-a pa ning tfc nga inig rest time nako mao akong kalingawan.
Take care always Riss.

Lily said...

Hi Marky,

Been a while since I visit ur site, good to see you again. and thanks for dropping by. thanks din for the sweet comment's about our little girl.

Oo nga ang dali dali niyang lumaki parang kelan lang. that's the reason I dont work fulltime so I can spend so much time with her.
take care always and hope to see you again.regards to your family too.
Have a good week.