22 April, 2008

Happy Thursday!

Hello friends,

I just wanted to share some pics of my silly little girl. These days she loves pictures, and to be mommy's model. This is one of those days that she loved being photographed. I love to capture a lot of her moments. Of course, I’m her mommy and I want to cherish them all. This one was one of those days where she acted silly in front of the camera. So, I thought of sharing this here for her grandma's to see her silliness.

Wednesday I didn’t do my part time, so I got to hang out with a few friends here in Hohenfels. We did a lot of cooking. Special mention to Ruby for cooking so much stuff and to Maria for bringing so much fish to cook, thank you, guys. Thursday, Jasmine and I went out again, this time with my friend Gerlie. We did some shopping and sight seeing. Jasmine and my friend’s little boy were having such a great time playing; we ended going home late again, after the two little ones got tired from sliding and climbing.

So, here I am doing my updates for this week, it seems I am out of this blogging world for a while. I’m sorry, guys, if I haven’t had a chance to blog hop. It’s just that I get busy here; in fact, I’m still folding my laundry. But I just had to take a break to do an update. I’ll be able to do some more over the weekend, so I’ll keep this post brief.Thanks everyone for passing by my place, and for keeping me company in this blogging world. To my fellow blogger Genny, thanks for the cute gift. I appreciate it a lot.

God bless everyone.

My future model

She is so silly these days

See what I mean

Karate kid in action

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"Life is a Journey not a Destination" said...

Hi Princess Jasmine how are you?

You look so beautiful everyday!

Carlota said...

cute silly pretty girl. hehehe.

ako ng i email ugma dae Lily sorry kaayo na late shalan karon pa jud ko nahuman sa akong work. oh yeah- wala jud potpot 3x nako mibalik ug wala pa gihapon. ako na lang ning ipadala ang akong napalit.

segi ayoayo kanunay. oh yeah gibalikan naka sa ug PR2

genny said...

kaguapa gyd sa imo anak oy...salamat sa paggrab sa little something...ingat...