04 May, 2008

A long read!

To all my friends, online and offline, I heartily say “Good day!”

It’s been a while since my last update here. I’m sorry for taking so long; I got so busy here for the last few weeks. I started working my part time job during the week, and when I'm off I also take care of my friend’s son and my daughter starting last Tuesday. Between my daughter and her son, it takes time away from the pc usually. They are usually so hyperactive that I end up bringing them outside, maybe to the park, just to enjoy and had fun. That way they won’t make our house a disaster all the time. Golly, it’s amazing how they get so hyper.

Last Monday, April 28, my friends and I had a surprise baby shower for our friend Maria. She was so happy, she even almost cried. I’m glad that she loved the idea. As usual, there were tons of food; everyone brought their own favorite recipe. I myself cooked my favorite spaghetti, chicken BBQ, Leche flan, and cakes. They brought favorites like dinuguan (hubby says “Yuck! Just thinking about it, oohhh, yuck!”), lumpia, menudo, and pancit. It was an enjoyable time and one made memorable for our good friend Maria.

Tuesday was the first day of the second session for Jasmine’s ballet class with Miss Jodi. Jasmine was excited to go to ballet as usual. With us is my friend’s son Joel. We’re the only one who arrived early. There were some new girls attending. Jasmine smiled like a Cheshire cat, she was so happy. She loves to learn the steps, but seemed a little distracted by the new girls. Then after the class, Miss Jodi talked to me about putting Jasmine in the group of 4 year olds. That way the new girls won’t distract her, and she’ll learn quicker. It would also change ballet day to Thursday. And it would last two hours instead of the one hour she gets now. I am eager and excited for her to go to the new group. She’ll really learn more and her joy will be even more boundless. she did well on the class every time, and I am so proud of her. It helps that Miss Jodi is exceptionally good with the kids; she seems to have a gift for teaching the little ones to dance.

On Wednesday, we went to Jasmine's dermatologist appointment for her allergy test. It was confirmed that she is allergic to hazelnuts, peanuts, and Birch pollen. We’ll find out this week what kind of response needs to be taken for her exposure to nuts. I prayed that she is only mild in this allergy.

Thursday Jasmine stayed with my friend, Gerlie, playing with her two-year-old son. Anyway, soon Jasmine will be in CDC if a slot opens up. I finally decided to take a regular job in the bagger section to help hubby, plus I make decent money. But if it doesn’t work well, I can quit anytime I want to. After work, they picked me up and headed to the fest here in Hohenfels. Every year we have a German-American Volksfest. It’s an exciting event for the kids, and us older kids. Everyone gets to enjoy all the rides available. When we got there, we saw all our friends, so we sat at one table while having our favorite fest foods. We were just talking, taking pictures, and so on. It was great seeing everyone in the fest. We ended up going home late, even though I was tired. We were still happy that Jasmine had such a good time on all the rides. Gosh, she loves to ride! I even had to go on one; it’s like a rocket, which made me dizzy. I’m getting dizzy again just remembering it.

Friday, I worked again. It’s not so busy because everyone was at the fest. But I still did well on that day. Same routine, Dada and Jasmine pick me up and we went to the fest. We take all the time to enjoy and let Jasmine have fun riding on the horses, and her favorite rides. When the fest ends, it will be a year before they have another one.

Saturday Jasmine has to stay with Dada, and I had to work. That’s the reason I hardly had anytime to blog hop and update my blogs. Sorry for the neglect, my friends.

It doesn’t help that hubby has been playing “Medieval II: Total War.” He plays it a lot, which means I can’t get on the computer. He is such a big kid when it comes to this “Total War” series of games. He wants to beat the game and rule the world. He knows it’s not real, but just gets so into it. First, he played the main game and won as England, and then he moved on to the Crusades expansion. It’s crazy, if you ask me. Then he also spends a large amount of time editing all the photos we take. Sorry, enough of my silly digressing.

After work, I went home and took a break to spend time with my little princess. Then I took a shower and went to see the fireworks display at the fest. For the first time, Jasmine enjoyed the fireworks display. She was even clapping for joy and shouting for “More, higher up in the sky!!!” It was so cute hearing her say things like that. After the show, we finally bid goodbye to the fest and went home. Jasmine was happy to see the fireworks and talk about it on the way home.

Sunday, I woke up early to do an update here, before doing anything (like daddy) diverting me. Next, I’ll clean house and go to do some laundry. I’m hoping we can skip the fest today because hubby works early tomorrow, and we need some down time.

To everyone who visits my little site, thank you for your time and messages. They really brighten a busy day. Please keep it up. I’ll be hog-tying hubby to get the use of the computer if he keeps playing his game, so I will visit all of you in the next couple days. Happy Sunday and remember to have fun with your family and friends.

God Bless!

Fest event

Nigth out with Jasmine at the fest

Jasmine having a great time in a fest

The wheels of the bus go round and round

The three models

The desserts

My boss

By the fields after our dermatologist visit


Stopping by to have some snack


Sexymom said...

SIs, I am tagging you here, kakaumpisa pa lang to kaya mas maganda na jo-join ka rin.

Here's the link.

MariKay said...

Hi Lily, I'm enjoying your pictures of your outing. You know what, some of the pictures you have of your daughter looks exactly like my daughter Grace when she was young! They could be cousins or something. haha! Anyway, I'm gald youre enjoying your time with your daughter. I remember my kids ballet lessons too...oh my gosh, those are some special moments!