10 April, 2008

Jasmine's adventures!

Jasmine Ballet class

Ballerina soldier's parade


After the ballet class movie time with friends

Wednesday playtime.

Loves her bike


Kicking the ball

Finally posing for the poster of clown before we headed home.


Here’s wishing everyone a great week. Just updating the ole’ blog with more of our little one’s adventures.

Yesterday, Jasmine was having a great time playing outdoors. The weather was ok, it’s not sunny, but not too cold, so we went out almost all day long. First, I went to our local telephone dealer and bought a couple more cell phones they had on sale to send home, then after that, we went to a park in our area. Later we decided to pass by Ruby's place just to say hello. Jasmine misses them already. She’s been asking for all her Titas and Titos lately, so we went to visit them before going home. As usual, Jasmine was talking a lot to Ruby while disturbing her in the kitchen. We stayed for dinner, as I can’t refuse Ruby's yummy dinner. Thanks, Ruby, for the delicious dinner. After dinner, we just chatted a little bit and said our goodbyes.

We arrived around 6 PM. when hubby came home, she was excited to tell her Daddy that she had a great time playing, biking, visiting Tita Ruby, and talking to Tito Klaus. Indeed, it was a great week for Jasmine and me. I decided not to leave her at daycare to work full time. I wanted to spend as much time with her as I can. You never know, someday when she’s a little older, she’ll want to hang out with her friends instead of mommy and daddy. So I’ll just take the time to enjoy each moment while she’s still our little girl.

Well, happy weekend everyone, wishing you all a beautiful weekend. I’d like to say thanks to everyone for passing by my place. You all take care. God bless.



Lyn2x said...

ka cute baya sa imo baby angel oy?

Admin said...

pirte man lingawa oi. hehehe. cute2x/

Ivy Sterling said...

Hi dae lily thank you for peeking my blog and for leaving some of your footprint..niways enjoy na enjoy gyud imong dalga dae lily oi..ga balley pud diay na siya? agoy dako naman imong bb no dalaga na kaayo..gwapa ra ba kaayo...daghan gyud mo gukod ani bataa inig dako.

The Author said...

What a lovely and talented daughter you've got there Lily dear.

She is sure very beautiful.

Nag ballet na diay cya nuh.

She is cute and huggable!

Anyway, enjoy your day!

genny said...

Maayo gyd ning bae ang anak ba kay naay mga ingon ani ba. Gwapa gyd ni imo bata Lily. Naa tuod ko tag nimo please adto lang sa akoa blog. Iclick lang ako ngalan.