03 March, 2008

Happy Monday!

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Wow! It’s Monday already. That was fast, and tomorrow is Tuesday. That means Jasmine’s 2nd day of ballet class. I’m sure she’ll have a good time again, just like the last time. This time I’m going to bring a video camera and tripod. That way I can load some videos for everyone to see. I’m just as excited as she is, to tell the truth. And I think daddy is, too. He loves to see get excited about the classes.

Thanks for dropping by and have a great Monday!

I'll post more later.


1 comment:

Daf said...

hi mommy lily sa germany, heheh. musta na dira ug imong chikiting? nia ko diri ron labay. xnsya na gayod karon ra ka lugar ug laag. saon na busy jud ang gitz hehe.sorry sab i missed ur call. nag kuyog man gud ko kay hubby sa office niya. i miss u too.sige lang mag chika lng unya ta more puhon. sige ayo-ayo mo dira. I'm ok here thanks a lot for ur thought. God bless
E kiss na lang ko kay JAJA hehe.mwuah