05 March, 2008

First ballet vids

Jasmine's 1st day at ballet

Lessons galore!

Hello, everyone. Wishing you all a very good week. I wanted to share our princess’s 1st day at ballet class. They really had a great time on the first day. We parents enjoyed seeing our little ones enjoying themselves. of course, as parents we always bring with us our gadgets to take some pictures of the events, as some memories are meant to be treasured and preserved for them to see when they grow up. It’s a pleasure that parents always enjoy, and sometimes embarrasses them.

I think it’s great she is learning the ballet. She learned it well the first 2 lessons, so I think she will take to it quite well. Ballet also teaches coordination and balance, so she will definitely benefit, as she is still a little clumsy.

I hope everyone has a great day.

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Rissa said...

wow! how nice. makaibog naay girl para mag ballet pod, hehe! anyway, thanks kaau sa paglili sa akong payag Li bisan la ko kablog. karon pa jud ko kabalik blogging unya gadali dali pa jud bloghop kay mosyagit na sad tong isa karon, haha! anyway, naenjoy ko sa videos. born to be a dancer jud ni c Jasmine nindot man mosayaw. u all take care and kisses to Jasmine. happy weekend pod.

Lucille said...

hi lily! i enjoyed viewing the videos, maypa ka pwedi makatekae ug pics or videos. My little daughter is now in her 2nd year in ballet dance, 1st year for twirling dance. pero dili gyod ko katek ug pics or videos uy, makasuya kaayo sahay ning dance prof nila. Sa coming Gala ra pwedi motan-aw ang parents tawon kay reason nila para daw mas thrill ug mas excited. Bisan sa balay pasayawon nako si cathy ingnon ra ko dayon nya, "no maman it's forbidden!" ngeek! mao ni excited na ko sa coming Gala nila sa June.

Cute kaayo si jasmine maayo kaayo mokiay-kiay. :-)

Amor said...

Hello Lily,lingaw gyd ko tan-aw sa 2 videos,kinding kinding gyd ayo si Jasmine,cute kaayo imo bb girl ay,hope to have one in the future:)I know proud ka kaayo ni Jasmine that day!