29 February, 2008

Motivating communications

Wishing aloha and a good morning to everyone.

Hubby was talking about training and motivating people this morning. Training them and motivating them to learn and to perform. The things he said were right; it’s kind of hard to do things right when everybody has a different way of thinking. He said that training people in a shop is most effective when it’s standardized so everyone learns the same things, that way getting things right every time is a realistic goal.

Anyway, I mention this because I saw this site that provides training just for these things. They do it using flash and animation videos and cartoons targeted to the situation, event, or audience. They even have call center cartoons. I took a quick peek at their site and it impressed me by what they have to offer. I tell you this; these are just what the doctored ordered for any business in need of some training. Their products seem geared toward making it easy to learn in an environment populated by folks of different levels of skill and different levels in the organization. They have stuff for recognizing achievements and providing motivation, too. Besides, who couldn’t use a little motivation? Not to mention what I think is the biggest plus, cartoons that you can personalize. It’s a great way to tailor the message to your audience.

Their big items are the ToonUp cartoons and products. The posters make for great conversation and inspire you to think about the message. Targeting that way makes motivation and learning intuitive. Maybe hubby should recommend these to his bosses; it might make his job a little more comfortable. Never mind the fact that his employer would benefit from everyone being on the same page.

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coolingstar9 said...

Yes, learning is enjoying. It is fun also. we need to keep on learning.
have a nice day.