29 February, 2008

T.G.I.F my favorite day of the week!

Wishing you all a happy T.G.I.F. Time for some fun outside or having a great time with family and friends. Just thougth of sharing some photos of our li'l helper Jasmine. That's one of her interests, preparing our table before mealtime.

Set the plate on the table
Dont forget the water, Daddy.

Finishing touches
Putting table napkins
Busy putting our food on the table

To all my friends online, thanks a lot for passing by. I do appreciate everyone's presence. I hope to visit each one of you again soon. Take care and have a great week-end.
God bless.


twinks said...

wow..as in she's a very good girl.. awww...ka cute! you got an great kid sis.. :]

Amy said...

dae lilly, imo helper kay cute kaau mura pod og korek. hehehe*

thanks for sharing those photos:)
happy weekend to you three..

Babette said...

Ang galing naman ng helper mo, masipag!:) Ganyan din yung bunso ko, gusto sya maglagay ng plato kahit na mabigat.

Lily said...

@Twinks salamat sa dalaw ha asus mulang enjoy kaau ni akong lil girl dinhe mao akong entertainer wala gyud akong ka mingaw kong iya nakong samukon :-)have a great week-end nimo Twinks tc always.

Lily said...

@Amy salamat sa dalaw and sa sweet comment about my li'l helper,bitaw gaan na lang work kay kong dili samot man kadugay imong trabaho kay naa sige ingon me... me.. me..so maau pa tudloan na lang dali lang noon kabalo.maau na lang ligth sab among mga plato kaya ok lang.
Agi lang niya ko nimo og ibilin unya nako akong mga balay ha tc and enjoy the week-end.

Lily said...

@Babette salamat sa dalaw Oo masipag talaga tong tumulong kasi kong di ko turu-an magulo mabuti pang bigyan ng trabaho atleast walang gulo. buti na lang magaan young mga plato namin kaya niyang buhatin. once again thanks sa dalaw wish you a great week-end tc always.

Kikay(Abritfil) said...

Wow, what a big girl! She knows now how to help her parents. Very good girl!

Happy weekend to you and your family Princess Jasmine!

coolingstar9 said...

Jasmine is so cute and lovely, I would like to hug her.
Have a nice day.

Carlota said...

kaboutan ba sa imong princess oi.

Grace said...

Hala ka cute ana tan-awon te lily! hihi ka but-an njud niya.. x) Grats te, you have such a "gwapa" nga bby and very mature at her age ^_^