27 February, 2008

First day at the ballet class.

Games and fun learnings

Dancing to the "the wheel of the bus"

Having fun on their first day.

When they arrived they did coloring first.

Hello and good day, my friends.

I just wanted to share this exciting moment of our daughter’s first day in ballet class. Finally, the time has come for her to be in this class. She has been so excited about this, even more than I’ve been. She’s been asking me when ballet class is going to start. So, yeah, that was the most exciting moment of her life.

We arrived there just in time to start. Everyone was there already with their outfits. I forgot to bring her skirt and shoes; I really thought I packed them already in her bag. Well, I guess its ok since it’s the first day. I let her wear shoes so she didn’t slide all over. Maybe this weekend I will try to buy shoes and a couple outfits for her ballet.

She had a fantastic time. She didn’t even want to go home after the class, she still wanted to stay and dance. I had to tell her that we‘d be back next week. She did well anyway, she learns quick and followed her teacher very well. She was having a blast the whole time. We parents had to stay there to watch our kids. Overall, it seems the rest of them really enjoyed the event too. Too bad my camera battery died after my first video of them. Anyway, there's still more classes and chances to video and photograph her progression. So for now this is what I wanted to share with everyone.

Thanks for keeping me company in this online blog world. I hope all of you have a great week.

God bless.


Angel said...

Wow Ly ka cute nalang gyud ni Jasmin gusto ko cya kusion hehehheeh Joke! bitaw tinuod lang she is so pretty... I'm doing my round Ly have a good one unsa gani imo yahoo ID Lily ako rcen98... have a good day

Norm said...

wow! nice ng mga bata, si abby din itong pamangkin ko nag enjoy talaga sa ballet class niya every Thursday sila..

Sheena Pimentel said...

Cute photos :)

rose said...

wow ang cute naman ng daughter u ate, galing.

by the way po blog hope lang po take care always po ate mawaaaaaaah

Rickavieves said...

cute kids :-) and nice shot!

Carlota said...

ka cute naman. i'm sure dili kapa abot sa iyang 1st recital

Lily said...

To all my friends online,

Thanks for droppingby
I appreciate all your comments about our lilgirl. I am just one happy Mommy and always proud to share all her development and adventures wish you all a great week-end tc always.

coolingstar9 said...

Joining ballet class is really fun for children.
Have a good weekend.