27 February, 2008

Internet choices

Hubby got me thinking about websites last night. We were talkling about when he used to have a website. His ISP hosted his website. When we canceled the ISP and kept only his e-mail account, he lost control of his site and the files he posted. He complained because; the ISP won’t let him delete the webpage, they couldn’t delete it because he’s not the sites owner, and he can’t even make changes. The website also eats up his e-mail inbox limit. He’s not happy about that.

Well, I wanted to find out about how this could have avoided this mess. I found a site that lets you compare website servers, domain providers, and actually gives some practical advice. Web Hosting Choice allows you to do all that and guides you through everything. I’m glad I had the opportunity to find them, and would recommend them to anyone searching for similar information. If only they were around when he set up the website.

Here’s a link to them, if you’re looking, or like me, just curious,- Web Hosting Choice

I’d like to thank web hosting choice for the information and for sponsoring this post.

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