25 February, 2008

Walhalla escapades!

Here I am again, with an update about our escapade in Walhalla today. We already visited there once when Jasmine was only a year old. We left the house around lunchtime to pick up Ruby and headed straight to Walhalla. When we arrived in Donaustauf, we got lost for a minute and had to go back to the turn to the site. It’s still the same as it was before, but the excitement is there every time we visit places like this. I get excited seeing amazing historical places. It’s a great feeling to be around such beautiful scenery and know that you are standing at something great. We walked the trail going up the hill to the main building. It seems tiring to walk up the hill, but rewarding at the end. We arrived there and as you know, everyone got busy taking pictures. Especially Ruby! She was taking pictures by herself, as I was busy with Jasmine. Hubby was busy with his own photography of the scenery. It was almost perfect day to get out and have some fun.

After a little while, we all got hungry and headed to the mall to have something to eat. We got there and really had a good time. Jasmine was busy asking me to get into the elevator, going up and down as if she never got enough of it. I had to tell her enough already. After our lunch, we went window-shopping. I had no plans to buy stuff, as I needed the money to send my boxes home. I was sorely tempted, but managed not to give in. after a while, headed to the old part of the city where we did some sightseeing. We visited this place many times already, but still enjoy the beauty of it. The old buildings and beautiful architecture are so stunning. We walked and walked until we wound up at Hong Kong Market. It’s one place for some Asian and Filipino stuff. I bought a couple things and left to continue our sightseeing. We got into the place where they sell Indian movies. Hubby bought two of them. After that, we finally decided to go home, as it’s already getting dark.

So much for our day. I hope you guys have a great time with your families and friends.

Take care everyone. I wish you all a great week ahead. Thanks to everyone who comments about our little princess and our online place.

I’ll visit everyone soon, at least when I have some free time.
God bless.

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