23 February, 2008


Wednesday, I was packing a balikbayan box to send home to my family. During the packing, I noticed Jasmine was being quiet, too quiet. I found her in the computer room... with scissors... and a pile of hair on the floor. "MY GOD! What did you do?" I know I shouldn't yell, but when I looked, I saw she had CHOPPED off a big chunk of hair, not only chopped it off, but chopped it short! I almost fainted from the shock. I took the scissors and, in a dizzy state, told her not to touch scissors again. I learned that if I'm not in the computer room I should lock the door. That seems strange to me, but I guess it's something that needs to be done.

Daddy was even more upset than I was. He told Jasmine that she had acted naughty. He wanted to punish her harshly, but instead asked her if he should punish her. When she said "No, daddy," hubby explained how she could have put out her eye, and told her that she should ask if she wants to use things in the computer room. He also told her that her hair wasn’t going to be as pretty as before until it grows back out. Then he hugged her and calmed her down. The rest of the night was pretty much uneventful.

Thursday I took her to the parlor to get it fixed. It's still not perfect, as she chopped it a little too short to do much with it. She acted nice and let the lady cut her hair without any fussing or fighting.

Her new hairstyle.

Last night after I finished work we went out for dinner. Hubby's coworker, Steve, was supposed to meet us at the Swan in Parsberg. Unfortunately, things don't always work out. Steve wasn't there, and I put his card away somewhere. We wound up eating there and having a nice time. I had Tiramisu for the first time last night. It's quite yummy. However, the cocoa powder on top was too much for me. Even Jasmine thought it was bitter, but daddy loved it. I think he just likes to suck down our leftover deserts so he doesn't have to get one for himself.

I’m off to work now. Take care, more to come later.


Amy said...

hi lily, ka cute jud sa imo princess ba. wink* aguy, tagu-i na jud ng gunting tawon. lol*

Lily said...

@Amy my dear thanks for the tag and for keep dropping by I appreciate it all the time. mao lagi kato ra sab nga time nga iya gyud gi kab-ot nga nakabutang man unta sa ikatulong ang-ang sa among bookshelf.maro kaau gamit siya lingkuran aron lang makab-ot ang iyang gusto mau na lang akong gi check nganong hilom kaau. mao karon padlock na tanan bisan among kwarto. pwera na lang iyaha. tc and enjoy the week-end.

carlota said...

she's still cute though... pero next time tagui ang gunting. hehehe

JOY said...

sus ginoo ka Lily, bisag asa man pud gunting butang nimo oy..maayo gani kay wala napahak..bata paman noon..cute man gihapon.curious jud ng bata Lily,salamat sa comment at sa vote Lily huh,gikapoy man ko pangampanya oy!hahaha

Lily said...

@Carlota, mao lagi sos na lang ni ka kulit ang dili iyaha dulaan man ang gusto,mao padlock na ang tanan basta kong wala ko aron wala problema. namubo na noon iyang hair kay di man madala og ayo.thanks for dropping by.

Lily said...

@Hi Joy thanks for the passing by,mao lagi naka tago man taas pa man gani kaso wala man ko nag expect nga iya gyud tuyoon og kuha bah ka curiousity ni andar gyud.bitaw kaning ginikanan ta bisan unsa-on nato og bantay maka dalikyat gyud sila sa ilang gusto,murag sila nagbantay sab nato :-)mao kandado pag wala ko sa puter and sa kwarto namo kay basi unsa na sab hilabtan. anyways sige man ko butar nimo na ok lang oi bitaw layo ka na kau karon,pero next time try ulit basi diay. tc and enjoy the week-end.