24 February, 2008

Legal learnings

I came across this legal blog today. It was about high profile Los Angeles cases. They explain some of the things used by both sides of the law when they deal with these issues.

The person doing the blog used to be a prosecutor, now he's a defense attorney. He knows the issues from both sides. I did find some of the things on their blog a learning experience, like about search and seizure issues, grand juries, and corrupt cops. They even talk about Barry Bonds and his troubles.

I thought, "Wow, they are telling about loopholes!" Then I realized the stories are more than that, they form a commentary on the nature of the law and those who "practice" law. Hubby says that reading things like that will help me understand the value the way our legal system operates. Yes, it does have some points that seem at odds with justice, but overall justice works when practitioners of the law uphold the public trust.

I hope they blog about Britney and Lindsay, because that’s what I want to hear about. Celebrities always make for interesting law cases in the papers and the blogs.

Here's a link;
Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney Blog California Criminal Law Forum

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