24 February, 2008

A busy day at work!

In her room

She loves biking

After her hair cut,still cute lil girl of mine

Mommy and Jasmine picture time!

Wow! It seems I am very eager to update my blog lately.
I was almost late yesterday for work because I was busy taking care of my little girl, and at the same time trying to update my blog for the weekend. But I got there just in time for my part time. Of course, we started making yak-yak about how slow it was at work the other day and other topics only girls and Pinays might be interested in. We were hoping that today would be better, because it’s the weekend. I also told them that I was into this blogging thing, and they could visit my place if they want to check on me. Everybody was asking me what that meant. I was explaining how it’s a little online journal and they just write about anything they fancy. They do go online from time to time to just check on what’s new, and the latest from around the world, but never got bumped into the blogging world. I told them it’s easy once you get into it, and they might make some friends, too. They said that it sounds cool, and asked how I managed to do it so much. I told them I only do it when hubby is home or when Jasmine is asleep and I’m done with my household chores for the day. They are excited to visit my place and want me to show to them what I am talking about. Anyway, after a while, we got busy and it never ended until after closing time. I got a few good tips yesterday with so many customers doing their shopping. I love when it’s busy, it only means more work, and more tips :-) Someday I will take pictures of me doing my job and share them here. It’s just that we are very busy and I keep forgetting all about it.

The sun is out and it’s really a good time to be out and enjoying the beautiful weekend. We're heading out shopping and taking Jasmine to explore her world. Soon it will be BBQ time, yummy I can’t wait!

Well, enough for now. I’m still going to prepare some stuff and get ready. I hope you like the photos above, I’ll try to load more later this week.

I would say thanks to all my fellow bloggers and friends online for keep dropping by and leaving their footprints of friendship. You have a great weekend and a beautifully sunny Sunday!

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rose said...

elow ate mustah ka na ang tagal mo din di nakapagpost ng di sponsor post lol. Anak mo po ba ung nasa pic and cute cute niya ate.

By the way blog hopping mode lang po take care always po mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.