25 February, 2008

Sell more!

Just got to thinking about hubby’s old pipe dream. There was a time when we were making DVDs and selling them. They were just tours of the island we lived on, but we could have sold more if we had been able to take credit cards.

This leads me to the subject of today’s missive. I came across a place that arranges equipment and processing. In fact, Total Merchant Services (TMS) even offers free card processing terminals and software. And we all know that when the equipment is free overhead for start up goes down. Being able to accept credit cards means you can sell a higher volume and are not limited to mail order checks or local sales for cash.

They have the latest equipment and technology, not to mention what appears to be great support. They also offer affiliate and partnership programs.

About all I can say is, if you’re looking to set up a merchant account, click the link or click below. I know when hubby starts dreaming about his business again, I’ll send him there so our sales will run higher than before.

Set up your merchant account here.

I'd like to thank Total Merchant Services for making this post possible.

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