20 February, 2008

My adopted town Hohenfels

The turn to the market place.

The black cat restaurant.

Our favorite restaurant in town.

Along the main road

Some houses and establishments

Approaching the center of town.

The main drag as it were.

The other side of the main road

Entering the town

Looking down a hill

Going to the factory

Sign entering the town of hohenfels

Today was yet another busy day for me. As usual, mommy and daughter went for a walk. After that, we proceeded to our nearby park to let her play and had fun. While walking, I took so many pictures of our adopted place. I now have remembrances of our adopted town. So, today I was thinking of sharing some pictures of our little town. I plan to post more of them the next time I update. I hope you guys enjoy viewing them. In this town, it seems everyone knows each other, except me of course. I took these pictures last Monday during our daily walk along the cobblestone. It’s really amazing to see the beauty this town has to offer, no wonder I’ve like this place since I arrived here.

Before I end, I just wanted to say thank you to all my visitors for passing by and always taking the time to visit me here in my humble abode. I hope you all have a great day and enjoy the rest of the week.

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Babette said...

Hi Lily, I like your town, it has a small village atmosphere. Mukhang tahimik ano? I will be visiting Germany this summer with my family, punta rin kami sa ibang countries. :)