19 February, 2008

Wishing you all a great tuesday!

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Wishing each one of you a happy tuesday! hope all is well with you guys.
thanks to all my friends online for keep passing by,and to those who drop by and leave some sweet note thank you so much for the time you spent in my blog. Today was another sunny days we had in hohenfels. it was really cool and nice weather to be out this time. maybe in a little while me and Jasmine would be out for a walk. bring her to a nearby park to enjoy the sunny days we had.well nothing much going on with us here,Except I am still busy packing stuff for my balikbayan box. still had to write the item so that I would be finish with this and sent already for my relatives in mindanao area. quite expensive to sent in our area unlike in manila area was quite cheap per box.
Oh well this would be my first time sending them a box.I used to sent a lot, back in America. but now that I am here hardly sent them like this.I prefer sending money than a box. Oops! I better go now seems this would be an endless rant again of mine. take care everyone and enjoy the great sunny days!


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