22 February, 2008

Another upload photos of our host town.

Looking down into town

Looking down at the Marktplatz

The main church

A view from the other side of Hill

The town of hohelfels

Other side of Hohenfels were we walk a lot

The view where we break while walking

Going to the main back road

The other end of the main drag

Going to Ruby's place

One of the banks in town
Aloha and good day!

Today was another post of our host town Hohenfels. This is my second upload of pictures. The town of Hohenfels is very small and very peaceful. I started to fall in love with this town the moment we arrived here. It’s very near to were my hubby works, which a little outside the village. But, it doesn’t matter as long I am near our local community. I am fine with that.

Well today, I am going to do my part time work, as usual, when my hubby is off work. I know that hubby sometimes needs to relax, but I need relaxing time too, right? So this is my relaxing time wink* I’d better go and stop rambling here. Anyway, I need to make some breakfast for my Jasmine and hubby.

I’ll be posting more photos of our adventures in Bavaria as time permits. I’ll also try to make a slide show or something where they can be viewed a little bigger.

A note for Art; 38 years is a long wait. I hope you will enjoy the photos. We’ll try to post some more memory jogging pics for you later. Thank you for your comment and for visiting.

Take care and enjoy the beautiful Friday! I love Fridays most!

Thanks for everyone who continues to visit my online place.



Princess K said...

These are lovely Photos!

Happy weekend to you and your family!

Lily said...

Hi Princess thanks for keep passing by,take care and hope u too had a good time.