28 January, 2008

Reminiscing about days past.

Hello, Peeps!

Here I am again, updating my place. I keep thinking about what to write, and decided to revisit my Bravenet blog. Checking my archives, I found out that I was blogging since 2005. I started with Friendster, bad thing I deleted my Friendster account and left my Bravenet hanging for a long time. I am lucky I saved my account in Bravenet and was amazed to learn that I did post quite few things about our little girl Jasmine.

It was so amazing seeing her in some of the videos I uploaded when she was 2yrs old. Trying to sing the wiggles song and do some dancing. It’s so cute. I was so happy I saved this blog of mine so I can print my updates and save them as a diary. It’s amazing how I blog about our little girl, how much she changes, and some wonderful milestones she had over the past years. I think up to now I still blog about our little girl most of the time. What can I do? Like most moms, I am so proud of my little princess. Well enough for that.

Today we stayed home and did some cleaning and packing. After that, I started packing some of the stuff I bought a long time ago for my balikbayan box. I was thinking of sending them a balikbayan box, since it’s been a long time. I got so busy with Jasmine bothering me, removing all the stuff I arranged in my box, I was busy going back and forth to check for more of the stuff I bought. Then every time I check on the box, the stuff was gone and she put it all on our bed. I was almost ran out of patience though. She never stopped, so I decided to stop rather than getting upset with her. I made her take a nap, which she fought tooth and nail. Like a little tiger. But of course, mommy always knows if she is tired and needs a Nap. After a while, she fell asleep, and so I continued my packing. Anyway, I did finish the packing, but needed more stuff to fill in my box. I am sure they would be surprised, as I never sent them box since I arrived here in Germany. I'm glad I saved up some money this time for my box.

Well, I guess that’s it for now. I just wish everyone a happy Tuesday. In addition, enjoy the beautiful week.

Thanks to my online friends who keep dropping by and leaving some sweet tags and comment in my cyber place.

Take care, God bless.


carlota said...

ahhh...dali ra man gud na sila modako oi. kung puede pa lang ay na pung-ngan pungngan jud nako ba. hehehe.

musta dae Lily? sorry ha. ayoayo kanunay.

Rissa said...

Li, salamat sa pagbisita sa akong blog permi. na offline mi for almost a week kay nag switch mi og ISP's. perti nila ka kuti ai makapungot karon ra jud mi kabalik online. nalutas ko og internet lagi, haha! cge agi ra ko.