26 January, 2008

Friendly site award from Norm.

Wow! I'm so flattered with the awards I've been recieving from all online . I also wanna pass this award to Rissa Jona, and Ruby.

Thank you so much Dae Norm,
I appreciate it, it's such an honor to recieve this! I won't stay long, as I have to do my part time work today. I want to say thank you to all my friends online for keeping me company in this blogging world all the time, your tags and comments are very much appreciated. I will do my bloghopping later when I get a chance. All of you take care and enjoy the beautiful week-end.
God bless.



Norm said...

Hi Lily! thanks for doing this...then dae oi Norm lang ba kay wala ko naanad ug Norma ako man gud nickname Norm jud or dae tawag nila nako, take care and happy Monday sad nimo diha.

Robelyn said...

Hallo Lil thanks for the visit, happy monday to you and your family. and my
hubby hat gesagt vielen dank für die glückwünsche. and give my kiss for your very cute princess. tke care...