24 January, 2008

Jasmine Dancing to the tunes of wiggles!

This is a special post for our Moms. Here are a couple Jasmine videos.

You can see how she has taken to dancing and acting along with the Wiggles. We hope you enjoy them. We love you all and we miss you both so much, hope to see you someday soon. Like I promised to them, I am doing more videos of Jasmine.

Don’t ask why she was wearing a Ninja outfit; it happens that she was enjoying playtime and pretending to be “Kahuna” from the movie “Baby Geniuses 2.”

So, enjoy the videos of our pride and joy. All our best to everyone. Ciao!

Kahuna Girl.

Before I trimmed her hair.

And after, it’s a small trim!

Dancing with Captain fethearsword music

Uncle noahs ark music


Rickavieves said...

She is so cute :-) very nice hair :-) galing nya!
thnx for sharing this videos and photos:-)

Rissa said...

kalami hair ni Jasmine oi. thanks for sharing the pics and videos. hala nipatong na sya sa coffee table? hehe. perting ka cute oi. dancer man bataa. wala na gatan aw og wiggles cla AJ karon. lahi na pod na channel ginatan aw nila, hehe! kalingaw jud ni Jasmine oi. nalingaw ko og apil. kisses to her.