14 August, 2007

Vacation update!


Finally, back from a long week of vacation in Kaiserslautern with our good friend Liway and her family. I just want to say thanks to Liway and her family for the great time. We did enjoy our vacation, going out everyday, bowling, dining out, sightseeing, and chatting. I wish we could spend more time like we planned to, but life is like that. Maybe next time when we can do more sightseeing like cruising the Rhein River by boat. It would be great to see the great landscape and castles along the way.

Anyway, I have so much to tell about our vacation, but so little time to spend right now on the computer. In addition, I’m still a little tired. But as I promised, I want to share some memories of our little vacation. We got there in the late afternoon. After we rested, we prepared for a barbecue and Liway cooked up a storm. Good stuff and good times! After the barbecue, we generally drifted off to bed. The big disappointment was Ruby’s having to go home for a sudden appointment. The next day, after some shopping, James and Ruby departed for home. Then the fun really began. No more babysitting the hubby! I was free from my real baby. It was just us girls Jasmine, Liway, Leera, and me. Fun never was so free!

I finally met my Bisdak friends Malou and Vickie. It was a happy meeting, but not enough time to chat. It also rained a lot that day, but that didn't stop us from meeting and chatting. We did have a wonderful time together window shopping and touring around the mall and grocery stores. I told them next time around would be better; we could spend more time chatting. The return home was miserable. Maria had a bad dream about the trip home and told Ruby. Ruby told Liway and me. We told James. Big mistake! James said, “That’s just superstitious hokey…HUMBUG!” So he drove up to fetch us home with no problems. When we left the next day I nagged him all the way home! “Slow down!” “Don’t pass!” “Drive better!” “Watch out!” The usual stuff we try to teach our hubbies. He said, “You’re afraid of Maria’s dream!” I had to explain that I wasn’t afraid, just being cautious. We had clear sailing most of the way, but after a while we hit a real humdinger of a stau! We sat there for 30 minutes before hubby pulled into the rest area, where we waited another hour and a half. What a day! Anyway, safely back home, I can say it was a long vacation, but definitely fun, enjoyable, and exciting! Of course, I still had a lot of stuff to do around the house when I got home, like make the bed and wash some clothes, etc. James, on the other hand, was miserable. He said he came home from work and fell asleep at the computer every day! He was so tired from his job. I’m glad he’s so patient and loving. He needs a break soon, too. Maybe a little weekend get away just the 3 of us…hmmm. Well I wish I had more time on vacation and more time to tell you about it. Next post will be a little more detailed I think. Maybe these pictures of our time away from home will help describe the fun we had.

I hope that everyone enjoys viewing our pictures. Back in the grind and wishing everyone blessed Wednesday everyone! Thanks for your visits and tags!

By the fast food.

Make up, Woo-Hoo!

Jasmine with Malou.

Friends together at last.

Bisdak friends finally meet.


Vicki said...

una ko dah...lol
bitaw, lily, thanks sa meeting nato last time...
ug thanks sa pag-invite namo sa Base, first time gyd to nako nga naka sulod didto, mora gyd ko ug naignorante bya.

thank you gd kaayo, bisan kadiyot ra to pero happy mi to met you and together nyo ni Liway n Leera....

hope to meet you again with liway too.

Vicki said...

diay, maayo nagustohan ni Jasmine ang BAg, dako gamay to pero maayo to kung magpunta siya sa Sports or gym. nya. masolod tanan iya mga toys n foods.

Or going swimming.....

advance nalang nako ang akong bday gift ni jasmine ha?....lol...
tingob na kana..........aguy kakuripot ba nako....hehheehhehe

kadto mga small things, or toys, mga gives aways ra to sa store ni nita, ako gikeep kay maayo man pod to para kay jasmine, maguba, ilabay ra god...lol

sigi, diri na lang, thanks again ha?

hugs to jasmine.....

Lily said...

Hello Vickie, mao tama gyud ka lipay kaau akong anak,kaso mas gusto gyud niya ang mga toys oi,kaysa bag, hahaha cute kaau iyang bag bah,salamat sab atong inyong mga regalo ha,ako pa I upload uban mga pictures apil na inyong mga regalo kay Jasmine,salamat gyud,na I wish na kita kits na sab ta,next sayo na gyud ta kita ha para daghan chika, o sige enjoy baya gyud ko saa tong kita wala gyud ko magdahum magkita ra gyud ta mga bisdak. take care di-a pahuway sa ko shalan daghan kaau ko dinhe trabaho pagbalik nako mao nga perti nakong kapuya, take care and ill visit your blog soon.

Carlota said...

super enjoy jud mo sa inyong bakasyon. great pictures dae Lily salamat sa pag share.

Si Vicki pastilan pagka seryoso naman pili sa iyang mga pa guapa. hehehe.

Lily said...

Hello Carlots musta kana gwapa, mao gyud si Vickie super serious kaayo sa iyang make up shopping hahaha.bitaw nalingaw lang sila pag-ayo kay ka kita na sila unsa ang US base,nakatong tong na sila sa america bisan kadali lang kuno :-) enjoy gyud super kulang pa gani among time,sa-on hapon na mi kita din Bana ni Liway sige na txt asa na kuno mi,na naputol among kita kits,pero oks lang next time again. salamat baya sa suroy ha. miss na nako atong chika sa phone. take care and happy thursday!

Lolli said...

dae Lily as in bongga jud kaayo imong bakasyon kay taas taas jud noh?! :) grabeh jud paura hehhe nice kaayo ang mga phtos ninyo uy, arang ka bibo ninyo uy hehhe