30 July, 2007

Happy Birthday Mama!

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Today is my mother’s birthday, and I totally forget about it.

I honestly forgot July is my precious mother’s birthday. I was in the kitchen getting ready to make some breakfast, when my husband told me that my sister Lorena was online. Of course, I had to cancel breakfast; it was my sister after all. I was so excited because we haven’t chatted in a while, and got even more excited when I saw my mom was with her. I'm so happy seeing my Mom online. We exchanged greetings and chatted until my sister told me it’s mom's birthday today. Wow! I was shocked and at the same time sad and ashamed because I forgot about it. I immediately told my mom I would send her a late birthday present through Western Union so that she could buy something for her birthday.

Jasmine was chatting with her Grandma Edna too; she made faces and kept waving to them. She asked me if that was her grandma in the Philippines. I patiently told her “Of course it is your grandma in the Philippines.” My Mom was very happy seeing her only mistiza granddaughter Jasmine. She was in tears seeing us on the web cam. I miss them so much, but I'll just have to wait to see them.

Anyway, after we chatted for almost an hour, we said goodbye to each other. They had to go home because it was already late. They still had to take a Pedi cab going home to our barrio in Valma Compostela. They were in town just to chat with me; they also visited our youngest brother who passed away April 2006. I still felt so happy seeing my mama and my sister.

Well, that’s all I can share for now, I want to say thank you to all my online friends who keep me company in this blogging world. Your tags and comments make my day lighter. I will visit each one of your blogs as opportunities arise. You all take care and enjoy the rest of the week. By the way, this coming week I'll be in Kaiserslautern, so that means I’m out of this blogging thingy for a while.

for you Grandma.


Darlene said...

Ing ana sad akong nanay Dae Lily kung mag online akong mga manghud ug naa sya muhilak sa webcam kay mingaw na daw sya namo.Bisan bag o lang gani mi nakabakasyon kadtong pebrero pero ang mga nanay mingawonon gyud kaayo woi.
Happy Birthday sa imong mama wishing her more years to come & good health ahead of her.

Lily said...

Hi Dae Darlene salamat sa visit ha,yap mga Mother nato dali ra kaau m,o tulo ang luha inig kita permi namo sa webcam mo tulo gyud na iyang luha,I guess sa kalipay og kamingaw naghalo na siguro bah. salamat sab sa imong pag great sa akong Mama,na bitaw pastilan undo limot na man gud ko b-day diay niya kinahanglan pa ko I remind naks:-) pero ni bawi man dayun ko hahaha na sige Dae Darlene,duawon ra nako imong payag unya take care.

Rissa said...

hello Li! musta na dha? sorry kaau karon pa ko kavisit. daghan nako utang dri, haha. thanks kaau sa pagvisit sa akong blog permi and for leaving messages pod.

happy birthday to ur mama diay. i wish her more birthdays to come and good health. oi maau pa mo dha cge ra laag laag. kami makalaag ra kung di ulan kay makalaay man gud ba kung ulan.

ka cute ba ni Jasmine oi. naa na juy talent bataa. pwede na mag artista na sa Pinas. na cge oi dri nalang sa ko kutob ha. nangumusta lang nimo. u all take care and kisses to Jasmine. regards to James pod. enjoy ur vacation.

monica said...

hello day lily, musta?


Lily said...

ladies salamat kaau sa tag and comment sa karon wala pa ko dinhe sa amo-a dia pa ko sa bakasyon,bisita lang unya ko kong maka uli nako ok doki mga miga. take care and enjoy the rest of the week.

Lolli said...

agoy ka kyut ni Jasmin labi na iyang torotot hehhehe di nako ma view ang unang video da sayang, sa ako siguro ning computer dae Lily.

Maimagine nako ang kalipay sa imong mama ug tibook pamilya nga maka kita kay Jasmin, she's soooo adorable! mwaahhh

Lolli said...

Hapi birthday diay sa imong mother dear dae Lily :) nindota nimo uy naa kay mama.