28 July, 2007


Aloha everyone!

An adventure tale…

The sun was shining, the birds were singing, the breeze wafted gently across the yard, and I thought “What a perfect day for an adventure.”

Seriously. We have wanted to see Nurnberg since our arrival in Germany, so I decided, “Today is the day!” The hubby was a little shocked. It was his one day off, and he was looking forward to watching a few episodes of Deadwood. He really likes Wild Bill. Crazy, huh?

So, after lunch we picked up Ruby and headed out. Jasmine was so excited about riding the train and kept asking us when it would be time. When the train arrived, her eyes almost popped out from the joy and excitement. Of course, out little chatty Cathy talked to everyone on the train. Ruby was our translator. 40 minutes later, we arrived at a huge train station and Jasmine about blew a gasket, she was so excited. The people, the smells, the sounds… she couldn’t stop her joy and wonder. As we exited the station, I gave her some juice and a snack while we headed out for some sight seeing.

Hubby caught some Mongolian performers. He loves that stuff and wanted one of the CDs they were selling, but at 15 euros each, it seemed a waste. He was disappointed, but knew I was right, as usual. Then Ruby and I found a little street boutique selling some beautiful clothes. We bought something, without a doubt. Of course, hubby wondered why his music is wasteful, but our clothes aren’t. I had to explain to him that women are required by the laws of nature to buy clothes when they are on sale, and if we don’t we’ll get a ticket. Duh! He said if I told him he could buy his music cheap on line, why couldn’t I buy my clothes online. Duh, how can I ask him if *insert item of clothing* makes me look fat, if he’s not with me at the store? Why are they so slow to learn these things? (On a side note, the blouse I bought was too tight around the belly; so I have to slim down to wear it. He called that a waste, I called it an investment in my future.)

Ruby can’t resist the red tags everywhere, so she kept on looking for something else to buy. When we finally passed the area with all the pretty dresses and blouses, we had to stop and shop some more. I had to explain to him that women collect clothes and sales tags like men collect navel lint, it’s just something we do. I also had to reiterate that it was cheaper to buy a train ticket to buy clothes while sight seeing than it is to order them online. Then Daddy bought princess some ice cream and we continued on to this fountain that could best be described as something out of a horror producer’s nightmare. It’s rather large, with statues of rotting fat people with skulls exposed fighting on the back of a lizard and a family having dinner on the back of a 1 headed 2 necked swan. Daddy summed it all up as “What the hell is this? Did the “artist” drop acid and sculpt his twisted vision, or what?” Jasmine was kind of shock by the way it looked, but the ice cream was her number one issue.

After our little trip into the “Twilight Zone” of statuary, Ruby went to see more sales. We took photos of some of the bizarre images so hubby could show the folks back home how strange it is. Of course, he also took time to tease Jasmine. He pretended to try to eat her ice cream. With one little look, she put him in his place! After Ruby finally finished her sale (soul) searching, I noticed Jasmine was so quiet; she had fallen asleep eating her ice cream.

As we strolled on hubby had a flash of “genius”- “We can’t possibly see this all in one day!” Wow, how insightful. As we passed a Pizza Hut sign, the hubby got excited because it’s been 3 years since we ate at a Pizza Hut. As we sat eating a slice, Jasmine finally woke up and demanded to be put back on the train. If she had the words, she would have said this trip was only for the train, not stupid sight seeing. We proceed to walk through the old world village and Christmas shop, but Jasmine was not in the mood for pictures anymore. We were able to convince her to smile, but only when the pigeons were around.

When we entered the train station, Jasmine seemed to come back to the fullness of life. She loves the escalator and the train it self. This girl’s fascination for riding trains is amazing. After dinner at McDonald’s, we settled in for the night safely back home.

Next week-end I’m trying to convince my beloved, sweet, loving, wonderful, handsome, and charming husband to let me go to Kaiserslautern so I can spend a week with our dear friends Liway and Mario. He’s convinced he’ll have nothing to eat and Jasmine will forget about him. I tried to tell him he can cook, but he said “Yeah, ramen.” We’ll see what transpires.

Anyway, for now I enjoy my summer outings with Jasmine and the hubby. You know summer is very short, so we had better enjoy it while it lasts.

James has entered another online photo contest. This time it’s with Outdoor Photography magazine. He has 2 photos, but everyone is allowed only one vote. Please
CLICK HERE and HERE to see both of the shots and choose one to vote for. Both links open in a new window or tab, so you won't even have to leave this site. The voting ends on July 31st, so give it a look. I would be eternally grateful.

Take care everyone and hope you all have a fantastic summer day!


Vicki said...

maka moot bitaw sa?....na karon nindot i-shopping lily, kay puro pula ang presyo...heheheh
na malibat gyd ta unsa atong unahon ug palit....lol

gahapon gashopping ming nita n malou, dah kaenjoyed gyd namo, buslot lagi bulsa...lol
pero ok lang kay barato ra man ang presyo ron...

bitawm kapoy uban bana kay sus lahi sila ug likes nato, asked pa ra ba gyd, needs that badly?...kamata....ask pa,.,,mayo wla bana shopping kay maka paluhata y ta,,,,lol

diay, wa pa ko kaanha ug nurnberg bya...nindot daw diha, labi na sa altstadt....maybe someday....

nindot sakay tren sa? dagan ug saka ug kanaog....nice pa ang perfurmed....lol

bitaw, malipong ko bya...labi na daghan tawo, tapos saka-kanaog or ari-didto sa pikas or na ambot lang....

mayo ug daghan ta, kay bebo...mawala, ok lang,..lol

sigi na uy taas na ning akong novela diri...

happy sunday.........

Lily said...

Na tinood gyud ka dinha Bonbon kong naa bana samok kaau kay sige reklamo taga agi raw namo sa mga sale tag di gyud daw mahimo di muhunong para mo tan-aw,nahimoot na lang siya namo ni Ruby kay di gyud ka agwanta di ka lili sa mga red tag.
Na nindot ang Nurnberg bah.wala gani namo nakita tanan kabalo kana naa anak di gyud ka sirit og laag. pero nag enjoy gyud mi that day og suroy suroy bah. si Jasmine lingaw kaau sa train,murag naa siya sa heaven sa kalipay,dili lang pwede kong naa daghan bitbit,tapos naa baby lisod sakay labina kong layu na ang adtu-an din daghan og stop and usab usab og train kapoy gyud siguro.so kaning among laag ok ra,si Jasmine di na gusto mo uli kay sa train lang lagi kuno mi hehehe bitaw oi salamat sa du-aw di na lang ko mo promise basta Ill call u guys when Im in Kaiserslautern ok. take care and enjoy the rest of the week.